The Card of the Day: The Five of Pentacles (Reversed)

“Identifying where your energy is being wasted.”  


The Five of Pentacles represents poverty and neediness. Poverty is not just a condition one suffers, it is a pervasive state of mind. "How am I going to pay for this?" "If I don't give him more money for the hundredth time it will be my fault if something bad happens?" "I wish I could just get lucky and win the lottery." "I'm just not good with money." "When can I get out of this debt?" "Why am I so worthless?" "Why don't they appreciate me at work?" These are all examples of poverty consciousness.

Do you ever feel that success is granted to everybody else but is eluding you? Are you adequately compensated for the work you do? Do you feel confident enough to put up boundaries with others? Do you value yourself and the services you provide? Do you need to get a new job?

Even rich people get stuck in poverty consciousness. This is because poverty is not actually about money. It's about self esteem.

The ancient Greeks were aware of a "Goddess of Poverty." Her name is Penia. Like the miserable vagabonds on the card, Penia would wander from house to house. She would bang on the doors of everyone until someone without boundaries let her in. Once Penia was in the house, it was so difficult to get her to leave. She would constantly make the occupants feel obligated, and guilty. Penia stayed indefinitely until the individual took back their home.

This illustrates that giving to others and being of service only helps them when it is done with boundaries. The old saying: "Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him a lifetime," encapsulates this truth.

There is one force on the planet that can eradicate poverty consciousness: Self Esteem. When you feel smart, capable, competent, and confident you know your self worth poverty cannot maintain its hold. People can't "use" people who are strong in their worth. Users and manipulators are like predators. They always go for the weakest one when hunting for a sucker. It's time to get strong.

Today, know your worth and value. Stop giving if you are running on empty. Put up boundaries with needy individuals. Speak up for yourself! Help others only if they are helping themselves. Go for new opportunities and accept nothing but the best!

When the Five of Pentacles appears reversed, it asks you to identify any areas of your life that you are pouring energy into, without seeing any improvement. This can come in the form of giving your energy to "psychic vampires," giving your time to people that don't respect it, or giving your money to a situation or person that makes you feel bad or guilty. This card also reminds you to resist opening yourself to anything that takes away from your hard fought sense of self-worth. This can even point to investing energy on thoughts of powerlessness or hopelessness. At the root of these thoughts are questions of worth, and more importantly, what sort of life you feel you are worthy of.

You don't have to hold onto thoughts just because you have them. Some thoughts are garbage and need to be aggressively thrown out. You don't have to hang onto relationships that don't serve you. You also don't need to hold onto a job that is toxic or is making you miserable. When this card appears in this position it tells you "Stop giving yourself away to experiences that make you feel empty!" You can choose to throw out any thought, person, or experience that does not make you feel good about who you are, and how far you've come. Today, change the mental channel to the love, blessings, and abundance that surrounds you. Come up with a plan for self-improvement. You are worthy of each blessing you have, and all the ones that are still on the way.

Elliot Oracle