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The Card of the Day: The Ace of Cups (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Ace of Cups (Reversed)

“Replenish your spirit.”


The Ace of Cups represents love, renewal, and rebirth. This card reminds you that love surrounds you from all directions. North, South, East, West, ahead of you, behind you, within, without, in what you can perceive, and in mysteries too vast to comprehend. If you are looking for inner peace, then love is what you need to reconnect with. All religions talk about this love. Love is everywhere...and yet sometimes it's so tricky to perceive. All the poets, artists, and singers try to capture it. Love permeates everything, and yet sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees.

When is the last time you gave yourself over to feeling overwhelming love? Has your cup felt like it's running on empty? Were you taught that "true love" only exists after you find the right person, blinding you to love's true immensity?

A heavenly dove flies down from above, bringing a message of peace and hope. The dove has been associated with love and the realm of Spirit in countless traditions. To the ancient Greeks the dove was a symbol of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. For the Christians it embodies God's messenger, the Holy Spirit. The dove represents the realm of the spiritual, and the supernatural. An angelic hand offers the large cup overflowing with divine love. It streams into a pond of lotus flowers, which are symbols for enlightenment. Love "en-lightens." This means it literally lightens our burdens, from within. The "W" on the cup could symbolize the cardinal direction West. The West is the realm of the element of water. It is also the direction the sun sets in. This reminds you that every sorrowful ending, is always followed by a joyful new beginning.

The dove carries the equal armed cross, a symbol of the four cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West. This reminds us that love is everywhere. It's in every culture, every country and every place that you can imagine. The cross also creates an "X." "Every child knows that X marks the spot" for hidden treasure. The treasure in this case is your center, your Spirit, and your unique essence. A divine cup of unconditional love is always being offered to you, even if you feel so overcome with troubles that it's hard to perceive.

All aces in the tarot symbolize new beginnings. In this case, the Ace of Cups is appearing to encourage you to renew your love for yourself and your experiences. If you find yourself unhappy with the current conditions you are experiencing, it could be because you forgot to let love be the answer. It's time to open yourself to love. You absolutely deserve it. Love, peace and joy is your natural state. It's in your core and at your center. You can return to this center, especially during sorrows and difficulties. Love is the voice within that gives you the reassurance that, "Everything will be fine, because you are forever, not this particular situation." Try addressing your current problems by releasing it to love. Transcend your tightness and resistance. Watch how easily tension resolves when you smile at your challenges and love yourself enough to know that you will prevail through transcendence. This release of tension occurs because you are no longer fighting against your true nature.

Turn to love as the solution, and watch miracles begin to happen.


If the Ace of Cups appears reversed it reminds you that pouring your energy into what brings you joy, is never wasted energy. You would think that a cup turned upside-down would lead to emptiness, but this image turned on its head is actually refilling the pond. The cup pours its waters toward the dove, a universal symbol for Spirit. Your energy (symbolized by the water) that is spent on the pursuits of your Spirit (the dove) replenishes you (the pond) and is never wasted.

When reversed, the "W" on the card becomes an “M”. Most languages across the globe start their word for "mother" with the letter "M." The Mother is the ultimate archetype of nurturing. Perhaps you are being reminded to lovingly nurture yourself, to replenish the source of your energy.

If you feel depleted and need to feel a burst of renewed energy, then it is time to nurture your Spirit. Pour your energy into what you love...what really brings you joy. Stop depriving yourself of enjoying the moment by allowing "how busy you are" be your excuse. Do something you enjoy today… more still, do something that feeds your Spirit. Do you need to re-read that special book that reminds you of magic? Maybe it’s time to immerse yourself in that favorite subject that you love to get lost in? Perhaps it’s time to reconnect with nature. Allow yourself to dive into activities for no other reason than that you enjoy them. When the Ace of Cups reversed symbolizes a relationship it indicates that you must replenish yourself before you can give to another.

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