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The Card of the Day: The Queen of Swords (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Queen of Swords (Reversed)

"Allowing for vulnerability."


The Queen of Swords symbolizes bringing order to chaos through clarity and boundaries. She is also an archetype that does not apologize for her right to have a place at the table. The Queen of Swords stands up to bullies and societal pressures. She questions the legitimacy of structures and rules that do not make logical sense. She keeps an eagle eye on maintaining her strength, integrity, and personal authority.

Are you uncomfortable with setting up boundaries with others because you might look "mean?" Is your career path in harmony with your authentic self? Is it difficult for you to stand up to the pressures of what others think you should be or do?

The Queen of Swords gets a lot of bad press. This is because she is not a docile, submissive or objectified woman. She is too powerful to be minimized by mindless societal roles and conventions. She uses her sword to cut through the hypocrisy of others' assumptions concerning how she should act, and what she should be. She knows that if she bows down to the demands of what others want her to be, she is selling herself short. She places strong boundaries because this is how people and organizations become healthy and grow. She is a master of transforming the energy from victimhood to being victorious (look at her butterfly crown). She commands respect because she respects herself first.

Even modern society still seems to have a problem with seeing women in strong leadership roles. Early on we are taught that women should be "likable" and "selfless," rather than strong, powerful, or ambitious. Women who embody the energy of the Queen of Swords are sometimes ostracized, despised, and ridiculed for no other reason than: "I just think she's a B#%*@." However, some of the best leaders history ever produced were strong women like Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt, Queen Elizabeth I of England, and Empress Catherine the Great of Russia.

Whether you are male or female, the Queen of Swords appears to reacquaint you with your personal authority, strength, and power. You may also need to be more self-disciplined or create some much-needed boundaries. Don’t worry about being “liked” as much as being honest with yourself. Speak up and solve present issues and problems. You are strong and capable.

Do not apologize for your strength, power, or authentic self. Own it.


When the Queen of Swords appears reversed, she warns that you need to be careful about not becoming isolated too much from others. There is a remote quality to the Queen of Swords reversed. She would rather do everything by herself. Boundaries and self-respect are important, but equally important is allowing for vulnerability and connection. The Queen of Swords reversed sees herself as a loner. Like the Page of Swords, she keeps herself isolated with a sharp tongue and her appearance warns against speaking harshly or without tact.

Even the most powerful people do not ascend to great heights all by themselves. The Queen of Swords reversed reminds us that we need other people. Success is much easier when collaboration is happening. Use your voice to speak up for yourself, but with respectfulness. Also use your words to open more to life around you. It’s time to reconnect again.

Be mindful of the dignity of every human being. Speak with your best voice today. Use your powerful words to encourage others, create healthy boundaries, and to bring clarity to miscommunications. Avoid using your voice as a weapon to inject toxicity into personal relationships. Show your fearlessness with an open heart.

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