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Tarot is my passion. My goal is to help my clients to avoid pitfalls and manifest their dreams.

The Card of the Day: The Hierophant (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Hierophant (Reversed)

“Be more flexible.” 


The Hierophant card symbolizes reaching out to the divine. Every culture in human history has a different conception of a Spiritual "Awareness" that feels divine. Some names for this Awareness are: God, The Universe, The Gods, Higher Power, Great Spirit, the Goddess, Angels, the Higher Self, the Great Mystery, it’s different depending on who you talk to. Nobody’s “wrong” or “right,” because no one has the complete scope of this "infinite thing." Each of us are parts of a collective, describing the same "Divine" thing we are seeing, from different vantage points. Each perception of the Divine is unique. What is sacred to one, might hold no meaning for another. However, the part of our psyche that authentically prays is universal. Similar to "Love," it transcends religion, cultural identity, or limitations.

Spirituality is very personal and differs with each individual. Some people are atheist, yet many of them concede that humans evolved with a biological component in the brain that developed into an "instinct" toward spiritual belief. Whatever your personal beliefs, the Hierophant symbolizes one important thing: Humans have a very natural instinct (and I would argue need) to connect with the Divine.

Does religious baggage prevent you connecting with the Divine? Are you skeptical that a God/Awareness/Spirit even exists? Do you feel like you are all alone, carrying a crushing burden?

If you are reading this card today the Divine wants you to know It is listening. You are being seen and heard right at this moment. Do your instincts feel this compassion? Have you ever felt this Awareness around you before? It can feel you. It surrounds you and connects you to others. It knows your whole history, and the the history of the planets, stars and worlds. It is both within you and outside of you. It weaves through everything you see and don’t see. The stars are made of it and infused with its light. You and the stars are made of the same stuff. You are "It," and "It" is you. Most importantly "It" is  listening. It is ever near, patiently waiting for you to ask for what you need. It is love.

You are one unique part of this Universe of Light, able to reflect on itself. Think about it, your atoms are made from same elements as the stars, and yet you can reflect, think, be conscious and aware. Talk about amazing! You are an individual, and yet you are plugged into something far greater! Doesn’t matter what you “believe” it is or “name” it. It is still around you whether you want to acknowledge its presence, believe it, name it, or not. 

The keys on the card represent the need to unlock your resistance to praying for what you need. Prayer is for releasing, letting go, asking for help, unburdening yourself. Find a private moment. Unload your fears, tears, and assumptions of hopelessness to the Divine. I assure you, when prayers are authentic, they are heard. We may not get what we expect or want, but we get what's meant to be. What feels so heavy, so unsolvable, so hopeless? You’re being heard, right now, ask for what you need. Surrender it and watch it resolve.

It will all be okay. You’ll see!

When the Hierophant appears reversed he warns against inflexibility. So many people turn away from cultivating their spirituality because of the inflexible example of religious leaders. People who are supposed to support and help people develop their receptiveness to divine love instead become fixed personalities that try to control what others do, think and believe. When the Hierophant appears reversed he asks if there are beliefs in your own life that are keeping you from seeing the whole truth.

Today, try to approach new situations with an open mind. Don't assume that you know everything already about a particular person, opportunity, or situation. Engage life with an attitude of openness and curiosity. Allow the divine to be revealed to you as it is, instead of attempting to make it fit into your preexisting assumptions. My Grandfather (who could sometimes be dogmatic himself) did have some words of wisdom that he tried to integrate into his world view. He would say, "Never assume, because it makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me!"

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