Kris E

"I first met Elliot 20 years ago when he began reading tarot cards in my metaphysical bookstore. Throughout the years, Elliot has remained my reader of choice. He is a rare gem! Elliot possesses remarkable intuitive aptitude and skill. His ability to give profoundly insightful and comprehensive readings through his deep connection to the cards is tremendous. Elliot conveys the wisdom of the tarot in the most sincere and compassionate manner. Time and again, I find myself meditating on his wise guidance for months to come."

Joe W

"For 10 years Elliot has guided my family (of four) through mountains and valleys.  He is the best, fresh and clear voice in a world of noise."

Maria W

"I was told that Elliot was an very talented tarot reader  - but after several readings with Elliot I think the word Tarot (or people's perception of it) is limiting in describing what he does. Elliot's craft is serving other people’s souls. He uses the Tarot cards the way that any master craftsperson uses their tools  - as a springboard for incisive intuition, and tremendous ability to map the wholeness of your life - its forces and influences . Who knows how to explain these things - after while you stop trying. He has given me insights that have cleared the way for me to make the best possible decisions - he has given me a description of my world that has opened me up to the fullness of potential around me. It is a process I honor and am grateful for."

Mary R

"As a long time client of Elliot, I appreciate his unique insight & wisdom and am always encouraged by the perspective he adds to my life.    When referring him to friends & family I have quipped, 'He doesn't even need the cards!!!'  He shares so much information, be ready to record your session or have a friend be your scribe."

Carrie H

"Elliot is truly amazing. He has been reading my cards for about six years. His advice and insights are unbelievable. Elliot's advice and perspective into my personality, and what is causing obstacles in my life is beyond what my therapist can deliver. I recommend him to anyone without hesitation."