Gift a Tarot Reading by Phone

Gift a Tarot Reading by Phone

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$30 - 15-Minute Tarot Reading by Phone

Includes a basic ten-card interpretation briefly covering the past, present, and future influences at play in your life. This reading also leaves time for a couple specific questions after the initial spread interpretation. This is a great option for those new to the tarot or for current clients to focus on follow up questions to a previous in-depth session. Like the Fool Card, this option is perfect for people who want to dive into a lighter experience and “get their feet wet.”

$60 - 30-Minute Tarot Reading by Phone

This standard consultation includes a 27-card interpretation delving into the major themes at play in your past, present, and over the next few months. It examines influences at play not just on the surface, but internally as well. This session provides you with a full reading, and leaves time for several in-depth questions after the initial spread interpretation. Like the Magician card, this reading is perfect for reclaiming clarity and perspective, empowering you to proceed confidently.

$90 - 45-Minute Tarot Reading by Phone

This in-depth session delves into the major themes and influences not only in your external world, but your unconscious life as well. This is a wonderful option for going deeper into the issues and concerns at play in your life. This reading is great for examining sensitive issues. This option includes my 27-card spread interpretation and an archetypal spread, to examine what the greatest needs of your spirit are currently, while also leaving more time for delving deeper into specific questions or issues. Like the High Priestess Card, this option is perfect for those wishing to know what is beneath the surface, those unconscious attitudes affecting the reality you keep experiencing.

$120 - 60-Minute Tarot Reading by Phone

Want to go all in and treat yourself? This option is great for people that know they have a lot of questions and concerns and want to delve into each concern at their deepest level. It not only includes my 27-card interpretation that overviews the major influences of the past, present and future, but also includes an in-depth twelve house astrological spread that overviews your next year’s major areas of concern. This includes your personality, finances, communication, home life, creativity, health, relationships, personal transformation, aspirations, career, friendships, and areas for personal growth. This option is perfect for those wanting to have ample time for questions, in-depth counsel for major life changes, and strategies for success. Like the Empress Card, this option is perfect for those who want to luxuriate in all the possibilities a tarot reading has to offer.

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