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About Elliot

Dr. Elliot Adam is a tarot specialist originally from the Metro-Milwaukee area. He currently operates the tarot website, providing readings for clients from all over the world. From 2000-2005, he owned Athena’s Oracle, a divination specialty shop, located in the heart of Milwaukee’s historic East-Side. For over twenty years, Elliot has performed thousands of readings. He is known for his empowering, clear, and remarkably accurate consultations. Aside from tarot, Elliot’s interests include ancient Greek language, religion, history, and classical music. In 2016, he earned his doctoral degree in classical oboe.


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How do I purchase a reading?

  1. Navigate to the "Buy a Tarot Reading" page on this website, or click here:

  2. As part of your purchase, you will be asked what days and times would work best for you.

  3. Within 24 hours, I will respond to your purchase with several dates & times that are currently open.

  4. I will send you my telephone number once we've confirmed a date and time.

  5. You will contact me by phone on the day and time we've confirmed together.

Do tarot cards really work?

In short, yes! In actuality, it is the reader who is doing the "working." The cards themselves are inanimate and possess no magical powers. It is up to a skilled reader to read the symbols on the cards and interpret them in a way that makes sense to the client. There are excellent readers out there, and there are a lot of bad ones. Just because some lady at a carnival told you that you would never find love when you were twenty does not make it so. One bad experience with a terrible card reader does not mean that you won't have a great experience with a skilled professional. 

Does Tarot really predict the future?

The tarot is used as a forecasting tool to see a potential future based on how your life looks at this moment. A reading is a snapshot of now. The future is not predestined. Your choices today constantly change how your future will look. If the Tarot shows that there is trouble if you continue on a path that isn't working for you, you can decide to change your life and your future. You have the choice! Having insight into where your life is heading based on where it is now can be a valuable tool for creating a better tomorrow. It's the whole purpose behind getting a reading.

If I get the Death card, is someone going to die?

In short, absolutely not.  In the the tarot, the Death card merely represents a death of your old way  of life and the beginning of a new one. It represents change and transformation. The tarot uses potent symbols to represent abstract concepts. Our unconscious mind understands symbols better than words. Imagery is rarely interpreted literally. If deathly illness appears in a reading, it is usually something the client is already fully aware of. Talk to your doctor about your health and when you might die, not a tarot reader!

Is reading the Tarot a gift or can anyone learn it?

Anyone can learn to read tarot. Anyone can learn to play the cello. That doesn't mean that everyone learning the cello will play like Yo-Yo Ma. There are some readers who read better than others. This could be because they are gifted communicators or because they spent years honing their craft. Tarot reading is not some divine gift bestowed on a chosen few. Like anything, it is a skill that gets better with practice, study and experience.

Can psychics read my mind?

Absolutely not! First off, let me say I loathe the word "psychic." There is just something cheap about it thanks to TV, movies, and popular culture. If you know a tarot reader that reads minds, knows what you are thinking at every moment and where your lost wedding ring is let me know! Tarot readings are profound to experience, but they are not at all like the readings (with the dreaded Death card) on the soap operas. A reader uses their intuition and knowledge of the tarot's symbols to weave a narrative about your present life and potential futures. It is not science, it is an art. 

Do you have any testimonials from past clients?

Yes! Simply click on the following link