The Card of the Day: Strength

 “You are stronger than you think.”


The Strength card is a symbol of inner fortitude, which helps us prevail in the face of life's challenges. Strength is something that needs to be reinforced every day. Just as muscles need to be continuously used to maintain their power, so too does inner strength need to be exercised. Every time you act in your own best interest despite your fears and inner weaknesses, you are developing strength. Strength is a choice. You can either buckle to what keeps you stuck and afraid, or you can choose your excellence. 

At what time in your life did you feel you were at your strongest? Do you sometimes forget you are that same person? Do you need to get back on track by standing up to inner weaknesses which have been keeping you stuck and afraid? 

The woman on this card does not sport bulging muscles, but she is the epitome of inner strength and confidence. The lion on the card represents her "animal" impulses, such as fear, anger, belligerence, and other out of control behaviors. She confronts her lion by gently closing its mouth, thereby not allowing it to consume her. The infinity symbol above her head shows she is eternally confronting the lion. Her strength is part of her now. It has been habitually reinforced, by confronting and overcoming weakness every day.

Strength is not manifested by large displays of power, but by gentle, compassionate, self directed corrections in the form of good decisions. Strength is also not just used once and then you're done! It is a daily routine that becomes so much easier with time. Its also important not to make self corrections because of how "guilty" you feel. These inwardly directed corrections should come from a place of self love and compassion, or they won't work (later the lion will rebel and revert, if it has guilt to latch on to).

You are definitely more powerful than you may give yourself credit for. Human beings get stuck in ruts, and sometimes it feels that we can't change something because we've been acting that way so long that it is just part of who we are. You are not anything/behavior that depletes your majesty! If something has been running amok like a wild lion that you feel can't be self-controlled, think again. Every day you have the power to rise up and be excellent. You have the choice to direct your own life or leave it to the shadows. Being strong in the face of your inner beast can feel difficult at first, but with continued positive action the lion is always tamed.

Make at least three choices today that gives you power over the beast. This will affirm your strength.

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