The Card of the Day: The Page of Pentacles (Reversed)

“Reclaiming passion.” 


The Page of Pentacles represents the passion you feel for what really interests you. This can be a goal, a talent, a creative pursuit, or a career that you love. To get better at anything, you have to work at it. When your interests become "work," it can be easy to forget why you used to love it. The job to do (and the anxiety to do it well), can soon take the place of the passion. The process of getting better at anything is strewn with mistakes. Errors are your best teachers. If you don't remind yourself what you love about the work you do, your morale can quickly sink. If you throw in comparing yourself to others, who you think do it "better," and you've got a perfect recipe for anxiety, apathy or avoidance. In order to reclaim your passion, get back to the basics. It's time to remind yourself what initially made you passionate about this pursuit in the first place!

Why did you choose to go into the work you do? What did you like/love about it when you were just getting started? Has perfecting your talents become something that gives you more anxiety than joy? How has this work made your life more meaningful?

The Page holds up his Pentacle with reverence. It is a symbol of his passion for learning, perfecting, and understanding. He lives in a fertile valley in the shade of trees and mountains. Although he is a child of the "Earth element," he always seems to have his head in the clouds. The tall trees and the towering mountains lie far beneath where his dreams take him. This kid is going places! His red hat symbolizes the passion he has for the fresh goals he is just getting started with. He is not just a dreamer but also a "doer." His green tunic represents that abundance will always result when there is a self-motivation for improvement.

Sometimes anxiety about doing well at something causes avoidance of the very things that used to bring you joy. The Page of Pentacles asks you to try to remember, what made you passionate about doing this work in the first place. Did it make you feel good to help someone? Was it something that you felt brilliant in? Did it build your self-esteem up, because you had a gift, and you used to know it?

For success to take root, the love of the pursuit must supersede your anxieties about it.


When the Page of Pentacles appears reversed, he asks if you are losing your passion for what used to interest you. If you feel blasé about your goals it's time, to remember why you love the work you do. This could be a pivotal moment where the direction of your energy needs to change. The Page of Pentacles reversed can symbolize feeling burnt-out with a skill, subject or routine. Check in with yourself and ascertain if excitement for your passions feels blocked. This card can often appear for people who turn hobbies or interests into their careers. If the purposeful work is not injected with gratitude, joy and excitement, it can soon feel like a daily grind.

The Page of Pentacles reversed reminds you to restore feeling into your pursuits. Perhaps you need to take a break from “work” and create something just for the love of it. The Page of Pentacles loves to stimulate the mind. Allow yourself to participate in something that reignites your interests. Seek out fascinating people and exchange ideas.

Often, the Page of Pentacles reversed represents re-learning a life lesson that we thought we completed. This may be a time where you are circling back over your life and reinforcing the fundamentals of who you are. This will ensure growth and opportunities that will emerge after you embody who you are becoming.

If you feel stuck, depressed or bored, you must add passion. Life always feels better when you infuse it with excitement and activity. If your mind isn’t enjoying the object of its focus, then something needs to change.

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