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The Card of the Day: The Seven of Swords

The Card of the Day: The Seven of Swords

 “Use your wits.”


The Seven of Swords represents using your wits to overcome obstacles in your path. It suggests you not fight life’s challenges, but instead use your intelligence to bypass what appears fixed or immovable. The Seven of Swords reminds you that “It's not over until it’s over.” There is usually a way to succeed if you don’t give up. You are cleverer than your current challenges, but you must think smarter and not work harder!

Do you give up easily when life is sends you setback, or do you find a way around it? Have you used your wits to outsmart a situation that looked hopeless? Are you tired of “fighting” against one life-barrier after another?

Don’t get mad, get smart!

The thief depicted on the Seven of Swords is a brilliant tactician. In the background you see an army has invaded his homeland. They have set up camps and are conferring with one another about how they will divide the invaded territory. Instead of fighting the whole army by himself, the trickster on the card uses his wits to outsmart them. While the troops are distracted, he creeps in and steals five of their seven weapons, greatly diminishing their strength. Instead of fighting or retreating he uses his mind to find a brilliant solution to the present impasse.

Not every challenge in life needs to be approached with the “fight or flight” instinct. Sometimes all that is required is to use your mind and systematically review the challenge from all angles. Often you can find a way around the obstacle, with much less frustration and angst.

The Seven of Swords suggests that you apply a different perspective to what currently appears hopeless. Ask experts for advice. Get more information. Really know the details of the situation you are grappling with. Understanding the challenge in its entirety will give you power over it. Use the internet! Everything you need to know is at your fingertips. Are you arming yourself with enough knowledge, or are you just hoping everything will work out?

Sometimes we avoid the solution because it means we must commit to our decision and risk change. New can feel scary. The man on the card is taking a risk by invading the enemy camp. There is a risk involved, but he knows that being proactive is better than futilely hoping the army might retreat.

The Seven of Swords suggests that rather than aggressively ramming your head into a current life challenge, you can choose to be smarter than it. Apply strategic thinking and do some research. Don’t give up when life screams “NO YOU CAN’T” at you! Respond with: “Hmm..., I bet I can find a way around that!”

Using your wits will give you immense power over any obstacle you are currently confronting. 

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