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By viewing individual situations through this lens, clients gain safety and distance from their fears and can detach from specific outcomes.

The Card of the Day: The Hanged Man (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Hanged Man (Reversed)

“Back on your feet again.” 


The Hanged Man represents making a temporary sacrifice to achieve a greater goal. This could mean sacrificing time, energy, comfort, resources, old habits, or an outdated attitude. For success to be achieved, a sacrifice is often required. By pooling your best energies and resources into your goal, you can ensure that it has the opportunity to manifest.

What changes would you like to see in your life? Do you have a goal that requires a lot of work? Is making a sacrifice scary for you, because it means that everything will change?

The Hanged Man is suspended from the branches of the Tree of Wisdom. He is seeking to improve himself. By hanging upside down, he is gaining a new perspective, and he looks at the world from a different vantage point. All the blood rushes to his head. All his energy is being pooled into his mind. He is temporarily sacrificing the use of his legs and arms. This represents sacrificing the desire to walk away. The Hanged Man is suspending his normal routines, to focus his energy. His face is calm. Although he is not "comfortable," he is not suffering. He knows that sacrificing his usual stance of keeping his feet firmly on the ground will free his mind to new solutions.

If you want to achieve anything in this life of lasting value, you will need to make sacrifices. The currency of the Universe is "exchange." What you put in, you will get out. It is comforting to know, that if you make the sacrifices, and do the work, you can alter the course of your destiny. Any goal you have, can be achieved, but it does require that something must be given up. At first sacrifice may feel like you are "losing something." This is an illusion. Investing time and energy into what empowers you can release you from habits and attitudes that have been keeping you stuck.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you may have to sacrifice eating after 8pm and cutting your calorie intake. To get a wonderful new job, you may have to sacrifice some of your leisure time, to look for a job, and meet with the people who can open doors for you. To foster a talent, you may have to sacrifice a lot of time, to refine your skills.

The appearance of the Hanged Man is often a good sign. He represents looking at your life through the lens of transcendent wisdom.  Viewing your experience from a different point of view leads to breakthroughs that will lead to a glorious new you. You can achieve your goal, if you are willing to be courageous and make the proper sacrifice.

To free yourself from dissatisfaction, you may have to sacrifice your routines, habits and the status quo, just like the wise Hanged Man.


When the Hanged Man appears reversed, he is again back on his feet! After spending considerable time suspended upside-down from the Tree of Wisdom, he is now ready to walk out into the world again, with valuable new insights. He has made tremendous sacrifices and has surrendered his ego's assumptions of how life should unfold. Instead he given himself over to the greater wisdom of the tree he spent so many years suspended from.

When this card appears reversed it is as if all that felt upside-down is turning right-side-up again. You may also feel more grounded and surer of your path. You have been suspended from your own metaphorical tree of wisdom, and now it is time to engage with life using the wisdom you’ve gained. All your sacrifices up until now have indeed been worth it. This is because you are perceiving your experiences within a wider context. Be proud of the things you have achieved and sacrificed for. When you look on the world with the wisdom you’ve earned through your many sacrifices, it no longer appears upside-down.

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