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The Card of the Day: The Emperor (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Emperor (Reversed)

“Restoring stability.”


The Emperor is the archetype for assertiveness and initiating a firm foundation for success. He teaches you that feeling secure can only exist when you establish strong boundaries. If you don't stand up for yourself, you are metaphorically wearing a sign that tells others that they can take control of your life and its direction. To the Emperor, this is the same as ceding his crown to a lesser king. The Emperor’s personal honor code forbids victimization. The Emperor is the personification of the voice within you that urges you to speak up assertively when something feels unjust. If you continually feel resentful that others aren’t treating you with respect, it's probably because you haven't been letting your "inner-Emperor" speak up.

Do you feel respected by others, and that your personal boundaries are honored? Do you have trouble saying "no," without an apologetic excuse or a fib? Do you want to “be nice” and think assertive people are somehow mean, selfish and don't care about others?

The Emperor is seated on his throne which is decorated with rams. Rams charge forward, assertively defending their territory and mates. The Emperor wears armor under his robes. This symbolizes that he ready for action at any time. He is not afraid to stand up and protect his realm. His beard symbolizes his wisdom, gained from experience. The Emperor is never aggressive, just to prove his masculinity. He acts only when his realm needs to be stabilized and protected. The mountains surrounding him are protective barriers. They are also his seat of power. From their peaks, he can survey all his realm, and swiftly act to protect his personal boundaries. The wields the scepter, and the orb. The scepter it a symbol for masculine energy, the orb is a symbol for the feminine. The Emperor holds both in balance and understands that each are equally indispensable. The Emperor is relaxed and at peace with his masculinity and femininity.

The Emperor appears as a firm figure, the compliment of his soft-featured wife, the Empress. The Empress sits relaxed in her garden, dispensing love, peace, and nurturing to her children. However, the Empress’ garden can only exist because the Emperor protects its borders, giving her this safe space to do her important work. Within you, there is not only an Empress, but an Emperor as well. Both are vitally important to be a balanced human being. If one archetype is ignored, inner turmoil often results.

Our society is obsessed with gender roles. It brainwashes children into believe that life is a series of "boys are this," and "girls are that." Boys should act more aggressive and assertive, girls should be "nicer" and more accommodating. The truth is, we all have both the Empress, and the Emperor archetypes within us, regardless of what gender we are. Both archetypes must be respected for inner and external balance to occur. Too much "Emperor" can make you overly aggressive, combative, and belligerent. Too much "Empress" can make you passive, a doormat, and a victim.

Today the Emperor is calling you to be assertive. You don't need to justify your right to be, but you do need to stand up for it. Respectfully asserting your position is very empowering if you’ve been overly passive. This card also portends the need to create structure, to aid in the achievement of a goal. Take responsibility for yourself and your dreams. Stand up and protect your realm. Stop saying "yes" when your inner Emperor is bellowing "NO!"

If you honor your inner Emperor, you will feel secure in yourself and your place in the world.


If the Emperor appears reversed, he may be asking you to identify what feels unstable in your realm at this time. Often this instability results from procrastination on pressing matters that require confrontation. Sometimes this card alerts you to embodying too much passive "Empress energy." Confrontation can seem like an uncomfortable concept. We often would much rather avoid the conflict. In truth, avoiding and procrastinating lead to a perpetual sense of inner turmoil and anxiety that is much more difficult to exist with. Confronting issues or projects that have been avoided will revitalize and restore your sense of order, control, and self-confidence. Take responsibility for all that is under your charge. It's time to lead, not follow. The Emperor's role is to defend, promote, and protect all that he cares for.

When the Emperor appears reversed, he also reminds you to step into your majesty. Stop fooling yourself into thinking you "can't do this." Instead of avoiding that which needs to be reinforced, dive in and change it. Take charge and create the stability you wish to see. Face the issues confronting you and act. The Emperor is the archetype of pro-activity. Meet your deadlines take charge of your life. Confront your finances, take care of that cavity, dust off your "to-do" list. The Emperor exemplifies not only control of his empire, but self-control as well. Your self-esteem will skyrocket when you summon the courage to do what is right. 

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