The Card of the Day: The Hierophant

 “Unlocking the sacred.”


The Hierophant card symbolizes seeking the sacred. Every culture since the dawn of human history has had a concept of (and instinct toward) spiritual awareness. Some names for this awareness are: God, The Universe, The Gods, Higher Power, Great Spirit, the Goddess, Nature, Angels, the Higher Self, the Great Mystery… it’s different depending on who you talk to. Nobody’s “wrong” or “right,” because no one has the complete scope of this "infinite thing." Each of us are parts of a collective, describing the same "Divine" thing we are seeing from different vantage points. Each perception of the Divine is unique. What is sacred to one, might hold no meaning for another. However, the part of our psyche that authentically prays is universal. Similar to love, Spirit transcends religion, cultural identity, and imperfect human perception.

Some individuals identify as atheist, and yet many of them would concede that humans evolved with a biological component in the brain that developed into an "instinct" toward spiritual belief. Whatever your personal beliefs, the Hierophant symbolizes one important thing: Humans have a natural instinct to connect with something bigger than themselves, that transcends their worries, concerns and troubles.

Does religious baggage prevent you connecting with the Divine? Are you skeptical that a God/Awareness/Spirit even exists? Do you secretly feel you are isolated and alone, without a significant purpose? Do you feel out of touch with your Spirit?

If you are reading this card today the Divine place within you wants you to know It’s listening. You are being felt and heard right at this very moment. You are being viewed with perfect love and acceptance. Have you ever felt this Awareness within you before? It certainly feels you. It emanates from within you and connects you to others, and even the cosmos. This Awareness knows your whole history, and marvels at the radiant light that is uniquely yours. The stars are made of it and infused with this same elemental light. You and the stars are related, are descended from the same matter. This Awareness is ever near, patiently waiting for you to ask for what you need. It can find the quickest, surest path to manifest what you need most.

You are one unique piece of awareness, of a larger Universe of Light, able to reflect on itself. Your atoms are made from same elements as the stars, and yet you can reflect, think, be conscious and aware. You are an individual, however, you are plugged into something far greater. It doesn’t matter what you name this Awareness. This transcendent energy surrounds you whether you want to acknowledge its presence, believe it, name it, or not.

The Hierophant gently guides you back to the pathway that leads to this Awareness. The keys at the Hierophant’s feet represent the need to unlock the sacred place within. Reaching out to the Sacred part of you can aid you with releasing burdens that feel bigger than you. Find a quiet moment. Unload your fears, tears, and assumptions of hopelessness to the Divine. When your prayers are true, they are heard. We may not get what we expect, but we will get a solution. What has been feeling so heavy, so unsolvable, and so hopeless? You’re being heard right now. It’s okay to ask for what you need.

Elliot Oracle