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The Card of the Day: The Ten of Pentacles (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Ten of Pentacles (Reversed)



The Ten of Pentacles is a card of legacy. It represents investment in the things that really last. It is also a card of family and tradition. When the Ten of Pentacles appears, it asks you if you are working toward leaving the world a better place than you found it. This can include caring for the future generations, cultivating a talent that impacts the world, or being a representative of what is best in humanity.

What really matters to you? What legacy do you want to leave? Where does the best part of yourself shine through? How can you ensure that your light continues to shine long after you are gone?

The old man in the card reflects on a life well lived. The roots of wealth are firmly established for the future generations surrounding him. He never grew up in a wealthy home. He sacrificed and scraped throughout his youth so that he could leave something better for his children and grandchildren. He is not only leaving his family "a house," or "money." He is leaving them with his example. He is also sharing himself and his love in the present. The love he has for his family is the greatest legacy he will leave. The family is content and has more than they need. His children have been "raised right," and will pass on all the love and learning they received to their children.

Today, make great memories with your family. It is important to work hard and plan for the future, but it is even more important to stop, reach out, and connect with your loved ones. Love is your greatest legacy. Don't sweat the small stuff. Forgive past pettiness. Every human being has a mixture of "good" and "bad." Nobody's perfect!

This card also asks you to look at your progress toward your larger goals. The things you are building that will remain long after you have gone. It could be a book, a business, a masterpiece, an art-form, or even a property. Perhaps your life's work is merely to be your best self, and to spread kindness and love in a world that really needs it right now.

The Ten of Pentacles assures you that what you are investing your energy in now will have positive results, well into the future. Your life is becoming more and more secure. There is no need to fear the future when the Ten of Pentacles appears. Keep an eye on the long game and be patient. Now is an ideal time to establish strong foundations.


If the Ten of Pentacles appears reversed, then it is time to honor the ancestors of past generations in some way. This will ensure that the legacy they worked so hard to leave survives. What wonderful qualities did you learn from these people who have passed on? Perhaps it’s time to learn more about your grandparents and great-grandparents or your genealogy. What adversity did your ancestors overcome in their time? What can you learn from their example? Did you have a special relationship with someone who has now passed on?

The greatest tribute you can give those who have passed on is to exemplify their best qualities and share them with the present generation. This will ensure the legacy they worked a lifetime for will live on. You share not only genetics, but a soul connection, and traditions. Bring your ancestors’ best qualities into the present generation. Allow their determination to inspire you to overcome present challenges. If they could do it, you can too! History is a great teacher. By learning about it we can be motivated by its transcendent victories. By learning from it we can ensure we aren’t doomed to relive its darkest hours. Take what you have learned and strive to be your best. Make sure the legacy you leave will be a good one. One-hundred years from now you will be the ancestor! What do you want those future people to know about you?

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