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The Card of the Day: The Knight of Pentacles

The Card of the Day: The Knight of Pentacles

 “Unfulfilled expectations.”


The Knight of Pentacles represents a need for patience and perspective when our current life does not measure up to our expectations. It is a card that teaches us how to use setbacks as opportunities for personal resilience. Only hindsight will reveal just why something we hoped for or expected didn’t quite pan out the way we thought it should. Life has a way of steering us to even better blessings than the ones we expected.

Has something you expected not panned out the way you hoped? Do you feel bad about the present because you don't "have" something that you think others do? Are you able to honestly see that the game isn't over yet, and there are still marvelous things in store for you?

The Knight of Pentacles rides the fields dreaming of the future. He is utterly disappointed with the present. The fields he surveys are brown, and don't seem to be growing anything. How many more years does he have to keep pacing the same fields before they grow?! It can be so frustrating! In order to become a King, this Knight needs to demonstrate he can make a field grow. Here's the rub...........the field will never grow until he learns to be at peace with himself and the lesson the present is teaching him. Patience and self-acceptance.

It is also interesting to note that of all the knights in the Waite-Smith tarot the Knight of Pentacles is the only knight to be seated on a horse that is not moving forward. This indicates that events are at a standstill. Although the knight is eager to progress he has to learn something important that can only be found where he is now, in the present. It is in the present where the magic of transforming conditions can be found.

The Universe has a way of providing teachable moments. The lessons appear in the form of recurring "setbacks," that repeat themselves over and over until you absorb what we need to change about your mindset. At first glance it might just seemed like you are getting thwarted again! "Why does this always happen to me?! Grrrr!" That's when you need to ask, "What is this recurring situation teaching me?" "How can I use this as an opportunity for resilience?" Perhaps the recurring situations are teaching you patience and self-acceptance. Perhaps they are teaching you about boundaries, or not needing others to validate you. Perhaps you just need to learn to be at peace with who you are in the present, with all your perceived imperfections.

Today the challenge is to look at situations that seem like setbacks, and instead see their value as lessons to help you grow. Ask the situation "Why do you keep happening, what are you teaching me?” It's okay to feel disappointment for a little bit, but then you need to see its value as a teacher. Look back at how past disappointments actually made you stronger, and led you to even better blessings than what you thought you wanted.

Be patient and resilient.

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