The Card of the Day: The Two of Cups

“Loving communication.” 


The Two of Cups symbolizes harmonious partnerships that are meant to be. These relationships can be based on love (as is the case with the couple pictured here), however, they can also be platonic partnerships based on mutual interests or goals. The message of the card is to create harmony in your most important relationships with others.

Who makes up the other part of your most important relationship? Do you let this person know how much they matter to you? Do you need to get out of your head and see another’s perspective to create more harmony?

The Two of Cups pictures a loving couple. They are separated by the staff of Hermes, the Greek messenger god of communication. Topping the staff of Hermes is a giant lion’s head with wings. This represents that each person in the relationship will have their own sense of pride. They are very different, and yet it is important that each feels their differences are honored, not disparaged. The lion head can quickly override the relationship if the ego is damaged by either party. A wounded ego can severely damage a once loving partnership. The only way to ensure harmony, is for both parties to communicate (the staff of Hermes) in a manner that makes each feel equally important and valuable, leaving their personal dignity intact.

The Two of Cups asks you to see the other person’s point of view, and to communicate in a manner that gives everyone the ability to walk away with their dignity affirmed. This goes for personal relationships, business partnerships, friendships, and family members. The message of the card is that none of us gets to where we are all by ourselves, we actually need others to thrive and survive in this world.

Today reaffirm harmony in your relationships. Do some cleanup, get the issues out and resolved. See the other person’s perspective. Resolve differences with honest, kind, and open communication.

The people you love most need to know how much they matter. Don’t assume that they already do. Give a thoughtful gift, or send a loving message. See the light in their eyes as divine, just like yours.

Elliot Oracle