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Hi, I'm Elliot.

By viewing individual situations through this lens, clients gain safety and distance from their fears and can detach from specific outcomes.

The Card of the Day: The Ace of Swords

The Card of the Day: The Ace of Swords

 “Take your power back!”


The Ace of Swords symbolizes reclaiming your personal power by taking charge of your life. Like all Aces, it symbolizes a new beginning is at hand. Your personal strength is like a sword, waiting to be drawn from a scabbard. When you grasp your power and wield it, you are capable of transforming your energy, from victim to victor. The Ace of Swords cuts through trance-like states of mind. It flashes with dazzling light, awakening you to embody your majesty.

Do you feel your personal power has been depleted somehow? Are you avoiding something that you know will make things better if you just get the ball rolling? Are you overwhelmed by anxiety, causing you to to feel uncomfortable with confronting a particular area of your life?

A mighty hand grasps the the flashing sword. Sparks crackle from its blade. The Sword represents your vitality, your life force, your personal power. The sword is crowned. This symbolizes that when you grasp your power, you become fit to rule. You are the King or Queen of your own world, vested with the power to make it as successful as you dare. The mountains symbolizes the great heights you will ascend to, if you make a decision to act.

An olive branch dangles from the left side of the crown. This shows that your life will actually feel more "at peace," when you take action. This seems counterintuitive to our fears which tell us to avoid things that might create a conflict. However, inner turmoil comes from the avoidance of confrontation, not from taking responsibility.

A palm branch graces the right side of the crown. Palm trees are primordial, tough, and hearty. They can endure desert-like heat, and torrential hurricanes. This symbolizes that your personal strength makes you a lot tougher than you think. You can endure much more than you may be giving yourself credit for.

Today, a new beginning is at hand. Don't dwell on yesterday, last year, or what might lie ahead. Your personal power is crackling in the present, right now. Where will you send that energy? Cut off the pipeline to fears. Channel the energy to your center, to your seat of personal authority. Take action today on something that you have been avoiding and you will feel powerful.

Do something today to make yourself proud.

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