The Card of the Day: The Empress

 “The Mother Goddess.”


When the Empress appears worries can no longer exist. The Empress is the ever-loving “Great Mother,” who encourages, nurtures, and protects all of her children. The Empress reassures us that we are safe, protected, and have access to all the abundance we need. She lovingly holds out this truth, even when you are unable to feel it, see it or believe it.

The Empress archetype has gone by many names throughout human history. She's appeared in every land and in every culture since the dawn of time. There have been many attempts throughout history to repress her, discredit her, or forget her completely. However, after every "Dark-Age" in human history she always reemerges with a gentle smile. The Empress appears today to tell you that there is something important in your life that needs to feel loved, nurtured, and protected in order to thrive. She advises you that self-love will be your strongest shield moving forward. 

Are you feeling safe, reassured, and abundant right now? What part of your life needs nurturing, love, and protection at this time? Are you able to access the fearless place within you where love resides?

The Empress sits in her abundant garden. She looks kindly at you as you approach her throne. She wears the sparkling Crown of Twelve Stars, signifying her status as the eternal "Queen of Heaven." The crown symbolizes her ability to see "the big picture," or the eternal context of every situation. She sees before, beginning, middle, end and beyond. Seeing situations in the context of the eternal is a great remedy for fear. It reminds us of just how small they are. The Empress reminds us we have so much more purpose in our existence than our fears would have us believe. The Crown of Twelve Stars reminds us of the months of the year, the signs of the zodiac, and represents all things growing at their appropriate time.

The robes of the Empress are covered with images of fruit, representing her power to bring prosperity and abundance to everything she nurtures. A shield in the shape of a heart lays at her feet, emblazoned with the symbol of Venus the Goddess of Love. This symbolizes that the Empress uses love to protect what she cares for. Her field of wheat signifies her ability to feed and nourish her children. She reminds us that there is more than enough out there for everybody. The Empress embodies comfort, love, and understanding. She is the nurturing face of Mother Nature, who gently guides you back to your own authentic nature. She patiently waits with open arms, to unburden you of troubles, and wipe away all tears. The Empress can always be felt in the part of your heart which  transcends fear, and loves unconditionally.

The Empress makes all things grow with the power of gentle patience and love. This loving force is always busy at work. It can be seen in our major life events and rites of passage. The Empress is also busy in the background of our lives, making the trees blossom, grass grow, and the generations to pass on their torches. Her loving energy is present when a mother holds her baby for the first time, and also when a man calls for his mother when he is about to pass on. The Empress reminds you of the power of your highest ideals. This energy allows you to manifest whatever dream you are trying to create. When the Empress arrives she unburdens you of worries because she places issues in the context of the "big picture." The Empress reminds you that all that really matters is love. This is why you can believe her when she whispers "Everything is going to be okay."

Elliot Oracle