The Card of the Day: The Eight of Wands (Reversed)

 “Speeding up.”


The Eight of Wands represents movement, progress, and momentum. Events begin to move faster when this card appears. The Eight of Wands also rules information, and communication. Answers to questions become available. Once stuck issues becomes unstuck; whether about a personal goal, an awaited answer, or your state of mind.

Is it time for you to confront something in your life that feels stuck, and get it moving again? Is it time to take action on your personal goals? Are you procrastinating about something instead of just getting the job done?

The imagery of the Eight of Wands in the Rider-Waite Tarot is the only card without a human (or part of a human) illustrated on it. There is an impersonal quality to this card. Eight sticks are flying through the air....what is that supposed to tell you?! The lack of people symbolizes that events that are progressing should not be taken personally. It also advises you to move forward on what makes rational sense, instead of letting anxiety stall you.

A river that appears on the bottom of the card, symbolizing that you need to move with life's currents, and not fight against them. The small house on the hill signifies looking at things from a higher perspective. Take the rational view when confronting this issue. Make the logical choice.

This card can also appear to tell you to just “get this going!” Write the emails, finish the job, stop procrastinating, do a “Hail Mary,” and take that personal risk! Ask yourself, “Am I letting anxiety about something impede my progress on this issue?” “Do I need to speak up and confront something, so that I can overcome it?

Don't be surprised if once stuck parts of your life begin to pick up speed. Summon your motivation and get it done. No excuses, no whining, and no making choices derived from anxiety. Avoidance results in depletion of personal power. Today, strength comes from confronting and taking action.

Let the breeze at your back propel you forward. This is a very favorable card for those who act.

The Eight of Wands reversed represents a flurry of activity. There are deadlines to meet, tasks to complete, bills to pay, events to be present for. All the while life is still going on in the background. Family needs attention, mini-crises need to be averted, unexpected events require immediate flexibility. All this activity can cause our breathing to become more shallow, the heart to start racing, and anxiety levels become elevated.

The eight wands on this card are all flying through the air. They will meet their mark more effectively if the skies are clear. The element of air is a symbol for the mind. This card is a reminder to connect with the element of air through the breath. Deep breathing has the effect of immediately creating calm, providing an opportunity to become centered, and to regain perspective. Often, we don't stop to alleviate our anxiety by partaking in this one simple act.

When the Eight of Wands appears reversed it asks you to take a time out. Slow down. Take a break from the frantic dash and give yourself a nice relaxing cup of tea, or another luxurious treat. Calm down, all will get done on the list, but you need to address your center right now. Check in with your center and ask it how it's feeling. Do you need to let go of something that unrelentingly races around in your head or heart? Can you be kind to yourself today and not cruel? It's time to take a deep nourishing breath and exhale that stress away........There! Doesn't that feel better?

Being productive doesn't mean being tense, irritable, and stressed out. In fact, this makes you far less effective. Today, lower your stress and anxiety levels by treating yourself to a break. Even a little one. You can give yourself fifteen little minutes, right? Do this, and you will accomplish all your tasks with grace and ease.

Elliot Oracle