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By viewing individual situations through this lens, clients gain safety and distance from their fears and can detach from specific outcomes.

The Card of the Day: The Lovers

The Card of the Day: The Lovers

 “Recipe for inner harmony.”


The Lovers represent love in all its forms. This includes relationships with lovers, friends, family, and especially yourself. The Lovers bring inner-balance and peace. They represent the different aspects of you, which must be brought into harmony in order to regain perspective. The Lovers card also represents choices. It reminds us that we can heal any situation, and free ourselves from suffering whenever we choose to view it through the eyes of authentic love.

Do you have difficulty with truly loving yourself? Are you able to open your heart and be completely honest about who you are, and what you feel? Are you able to look at where you are at in life right now with acceptance and inner-peace?

The Lovers are brought together in a state of harmony under the loving gaze of an angel. They are naked, and feel no shame for it. They don't need to "cover up" or "put on a front" to impress each other. The male gazes at the female. She in turn gazes up through the fog at the angel. The figures on the lovers card symbolize the different aspects of you that must be brought into harmony for inner-peace, and self-love.

The male represents your worldly, rational self. This is the part that works in the "real world." The male part of the self wants to mentally figure everything out with a rational explanation. He fears the unknown and yet is strangely attracted to the mysteries embodied by the female on the card. Status, strength, and reason matter to him. And yet, by himself he is incomplete. He needs to make contact with something much deeper than what he finds in the world. He sees this in the female. He gazes at her beauty and is mesmerized by her. She is the part he is missing. She is very precious to him and reminds him of what really matters in life. The male looks to the female for clues on what kind of person he should present himself to be out in the world. If the female is wounded it alters his perception of his value.

The female represents the psyche, your emotional depth, your capacity to feel. She is sensitive and kind. She loves beauty and comfort. She feels compassion, and wants all things to go smoothly. And yet on her own she would be incomplete. She has the tendency to "avoid conflict" at all costs. This leads to no boundaries, which then opens her up to harm. Without conflict there is no growth. She needs the male on the card to bring balance, healing, protection, and growth. She also "feels" too much sometimes. This makes her forget that there is a wider world outside of her feelings. In order to heal the wounds her sensitive heart, and find peace she must look to the angel.

The angel represents your higher-self, your super-consciousness. He looks down on the different part of the self with compassion, acceptance and perspective. He bathes the male and female aspects of the self with loving light. There is no judgment in the angel's face, only unconditional love and acceptance. He does not judge them for how they look, what they do, how much they have, or what may have happened in the past. The Lovers are below a misty cloud. It is not always easy for the different aspects of the self to see things from a spiritual perspective.

The gazing figures on the Lovers card show a formula for inner peace. The "external" worldly self (male) must know his real feelings (female) to find peace and harmony. He must make peace with his feelings by being honest about them. The nakedness of the figures mean baring it all. Releasing feelings of inhibition that keep you covering things up to maintain an image. But stopping at the realm of feelings isn't looking deep enough. In order to heal the wounds that all people eventually acquire, one must go even deeper within for harmony. This is the realm of the spirit (angel). Only the Angel is able to see things from a vantage point of complete perspective. No mist covers the angel's eyes. Only the inner spirit can truly validate the self. When you look on the naked truth of who you are with the eyes of the angel, there is nothing but love.

We fall out of harmony by attaching ourselves to only one aspect of our lives and losing the perspective of the angel. Ruminating with emotions too much we lose sight of the world's unlimited opportunities. Concern for status, or how we appear to others can bring an equal measure of suffering. The only way to free yourself from suffering is to love yourself enough to go within and seek your light. Seek the higher self. Look on yourself with wise, radiant, luminous eyes. The angel resides deeper within...beyond the pain. The level of where the angel resides is where self-love comes from. That is how to get it.

Today, it's time to love yourself. You may have to dig deep within to find it, but it's there, patiently waiting. Look at who you are with the eyes of your inner-angel. Then look at the other people in the world with those same eyes. This perspective will reveal a lot to you. Instead of feeling wounded by the actions of incomplete people caught in their own suffering, you can see how they have unfortunately forgot to be their better angel that day. Just like you occasionally do. Look on yourself and others with the love of your inner-Spirit. This will free you from all suffering, and restores harmony every time.

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