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By viewing individual situations through this lens, clients gain safety and distance from their fears and can detach from specific outcomes.

The Card of the Day: The Eight of Cups

The Card of the Day: The Eight of Cups

“Reconnecting with your authentic self.” 


The Eight of Cups represents a journey within, to the realm of your instincts. Periodically you must go deep within yourself, to hear your spirit, and to reclaim strengths and abilities you forgot you possessed. Although this journey is of great value, it never feels easy while you are going through it. It is often accompanied by depression, feeling crazy, or feeling you've hit a patch of consistent "bad luck." This card appears to tell you that you've already made this brave journey, and are ready to take your strengths into the world again. Your instincts are once again, your guide.

When you are quiet, do you hear the call of your authentic self? Do you seem to go through periods of confusion, depression, or seeming "bad luck?" How have you improved within yourself? Are you trusting your own instincts more?

The man on the card is reminiscent of the Hermit. He is taking a night journey alone, staff in hand, returning from the realm of shadows. He is stepping out of the sea, representing his unconscious feelings. These feelings were not acknowledged in his daily life and were acting up in strange ways. At first thought he was crazy, then just unlucky. Finally he realized his instincts were not being respected or acknowledged. He wasn't being true to himself.

The moon is eclipsing the sun in the picture.  Thoughts about what he "should do," or "be," to gain the acceptance of others in his daily life eclipsed, and took precedent over his own instincts. Finally he had the courage to go within, and reconnect with his instincts. They are now his best friends, giving him the power to overcome any obstacle.

The moon has been associated with unconscious instincts since the dawn of humanity. It strangely pulls and affects us, and yet we so easily dismiss and ignore it (just like our instincts). The Latin word for moon is "luna," where we get our word "lunatic" from. If your instincts are chronically ignored they can make you crazy. Like a neglected child, they will "act up," and wreak all sorts of havoc in your daily life. This can manifest as a streak of bad luck, a period of depression, an imagined illness, or a time where you feel utterly lost and powerless. The journey to reclaim your instincts will arm you with the ability to set everything right again. This journey only happens alone, and in the dark places. That is where all the healing happens.

Today, the Eight of Cups appears to remind you are now letting your instincts guide your path. The very fact that you are reading a "tarot card of the day" demonstrates that you have the courage to listen to these unconscious feelings, that speak in the language of pictures, myth, and symbols. Instincts do not adhere to the laws of a logical, organized, rationalized world. Instincts can feel messy at times, and very confusing to those that aren't used to acknowledging them. And yet they motivate all of us, and must be acknowledged if we are to find our way over the barriers that block us (symbolized by the mountains on the card).

This is a card of deep healing. You are listening to your instincts and they are giving you the power to overcome previous blockages. You can now return to the land of the sun; less burdened and free.

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