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The Card of the Day: The Fool (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Fool (Reversed)

“Releasing the fear of looking foolish.” 


The Fool is the archetype of freedom, humor, and new beginnings. He is the wayward hero of the Tarot, the embodiment of the young adventurer just getting started on his quest. He is the only card numbered "0" in the deck. This means that he is not attached to any "identity" that he must prove to others. He's not the "King of this," or the "Knight of that." He's just "a fool," simple, unencumbered by worry, and completely free. The Fool's wisdom lies in his lack of pride and ego. He never despairs if he doesn't look "competent." That's just another box he would hate to be suffocated in. He's not afraid if people laugh at him. He invites it, and laughs with them! This humor gives him an inexhaustible resilience. It also carries magical healing powers, for himself and others.

Are you ever afraid of looking really stupid? Can you laugh at yourself as you haphazardly try to learn something new? If someone "important" called you a complete joke, would it hurt your feelings?

The Fool knows what every domesticated cat knows.........that humans are just stupid monkeys. Why should he fret over what others think? People who buy into maintaining an image limit themselves, by a self imposed box to suffocate in. That's not living! The Fool is free to walk openly wherever he dares. He is free. The Fool can never be boxed in, kept, or defined by others. He goes his own path. The Sun is shining and his spirits are up. He is wearing the ugliest pattern this side of creation. It brings him great joy to flaunt it. If he gets happiness from it, that's all that matters. It's not like he's hurting anyone!

The Fool doesn't seem to be paying any attention to possible future calamities. His head is occupied with the thrilling possibilities of the day. Could he be in danger of going over the edge of the cliff? Possibly... but maybe that would be fun....he never actually got to die before... The Fool knows an important secret: Things are never as bad as they might appear. Somehow he always manages to get back up again unscathed. The Universe has a soft spot for fools, and blesses them with the craziest luck.

Today, embrace your inner fool for an adventure awaits! There's always a thrilling new "something" to try. You got up this morning, so that's a reason enough to celebrate! Release the self consciousness that prevents you from appearing too enthusiastic in public. Laugh at yourself. When you think about it, you're actually quite ridiculous really...... You are not your job. You are not a label. You are not your salary, or the city you live in. You are not what "important people" say you are.

You are free!

So why live in a prison of your own making?!

The Fool's number one rule: "Cast off your fear of looking stupid, it's cheating you out of all your joy."

When the Fool appears reversed he asks you to release your fear of looking stupid. The fear of failure is a crippling companion. It can stop your momentum before you even begin. Errors are actually our best teachers. We need them to grow. When the Fool is upright, his natural instinct is to begin his new journey unselfconsciously. When the Fool appears reversed, he represents the need to release self-limiting pride that can keep you stagnant.

The Fool often appears reversed when we feel lost, confused, or like we are being pulled by an overwhelming life full of unknowns and uncertainties. What future “unknowable” feels scariest to you at this time? What are you afraid to understand? What avoidance mechanism is holding up your success? The Fool is only a fool because of what he doesn't know. Anyone can gain more knowledge to solve any difficulty. When you challenge yourself to learn new things that are out of your comfort zone, you build self-esteem and become empowered.

Today, ask yourself what you need to learn more about to empower yourself. To get the most out of this card's meaning, challenge yourself to learn something new, that will help you reach your goals. Don't be afraid of doing it wrong, looking stupid, or not knowing what's ahead. You will find that the choice to act will give you great power. The Fool safely finds his way through openness and trust. Be brave, and take the steps you are afraid to take.

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