The Card of the Day: The Page of Wands (Reversed)

“Measuring up.” 


The Page of Wands symbolizes aspiration. Although he has not yet reached the heights of his older family members: the Knight, Queen, and King of Wands; he still possesses their same magnetic qualities within himself. The Page of Wands represents that you too embody the same strengths you admire in the people you look up to.

Who are your role models? What qualities do they possess that you wish you embodied more? How would your life be different if you could tap into more of "that kind of energy?"

The Page of Wands is richly dressed for his adventure in Egypt. He was inspired by his older brother, the Knight of Wands, to overcome his insecurity and bravely explore the world. He wears a vibrant yellow tunic, the most optimistic color. A red plume tops his hat, announcing his courage to be seen by the world, as he is. The wand he holds is much taller than him. It's from his father, the King of Wands, and he hasn't quite grown up to it yet. The wand reminds him of his role models, the Knight, Queen, and King of Wands. He is mesmerized by the Knight's courage for adventure, the Queen's charisma, and the King's wisdom. He doesn't feel bad about himself by "comparing" their talents to his own. This is because he knows that he too possesses the same force behind those talents.

The very fact that you admire certain qualities in others is because you have those qualities in common. Much like the Page, you may still be finding out how to make these qualities your own. Don't try to "compare" yourself to the abilities, talents, and achievements of others. Instead, look at the force "behind" those talents, and you will see you are on this planet to strengthen those same attributes within yourself.

For example; anyone who really knows me knows that I absolutely adore Judy Garland. I marvel at her talent, but more importantly I love her fearless authenticity on stage. She took risks and performed concerts until shortly before she died, all the while struggling with deep personal insecurity and a cruel tabloid press that wanted to rip her apart every day to sell magazines. This would hurt her deeply, but she would overcome it with a joke, and get others to laugh with her. She would get on stage knowing that people were "judging her," for her personal struggles, but she still had the courage to sing straight into the hearts of her audience. By vulnerably sharing her shadows in the open, she helped her audiences (whom she adored), heal their own troubles with a song.

Now I'll never be a singer...... However, I find myself working on being more vulnerable and fearless everyday. I also learn from Judy to trust and believe in my talents, to openly share them, and to be my authentic self around others. I can't let the fear of being ridiculed for being gay, being a tarot card reader, or being different, keep me from trying to feel connected with others in the world. Some days I'm more courageous than others, but I still aspire to reveal my authentic self despite my personal fears.

Today acknowledge the qualities you admire most in your heroes and see that you share this magic in common. You are kindred souls.

When the Page of Wands appears reversed he signifies that you must be present and patient with your when cultivating your talents. The Page of Wands is crackling with creativity. He is a fiery character whose mind can often be found thirty steps ahead of his present location. When this Page appears reversed he reminds you to slow down and enjoy being present with what you are learning. He might also indicate that you need to take a more methodical approach to achieving your goals. Don't let your mind race and wander without discipline. You have tremendous talent and creative energy available to you to manifest whatever you want in life but it needs to be applied thoughtfully.

The Page of Wands Reversed also warns against the feeling of not quite “measuring up.” Beware of comparing yourself with the achievements and accomplishments of others. You are on your own track and have a lifetime of lessons specifically meant for you. Comparing yourself to the paths others have tread is useless and futile. Look to qualities of those that you admire to fuel your passion, not to undermine it.

Keep aspiring toward your goals, but don't forget to be present and enjoy the moment. One day you'll look back with fondness at the process of how the talents unique to you were cultivated.

Elliot Oracle