The Card of the Day: The Chariot (Reversed)

“Releasing indecision.” 


The Chariot symbolizes courage In the face of uncertainty. It represents taking risks, and stepping toward what you really want out of life, even when there are no guarantees. The Chariot illustrates that victory does not come from the attainment of a goal, but instead occurs at the exact moment you choose courage instead of fear.

Do you avoid making decisions that could lead to your happiness because you are afraid of failing? Have you ever stayed in unhealthy situations longer than you should have because you feared an unknowable future? Is there something you would like to change about your life right now but you are too scared?

The Chariot is led by two sphinxes, one black and one white. They face in opposite directions, representing two possible futures. The sphinx is a creature of mystery and represents the unknown. The man in the chariot is taking a risk and letting the mysterious sphinxes lead him. He doesn’t know what lies ahead, but he has taken the risk anyway.

In the background of the card there is a large castle surrounded by stable walls.  This represents leaving the safety of the home to go out into the world. A large moat surrounds the castle and has also been crossed.  This represents bypassing  emotional decision making which usually favors comfort over self improvement. The Chariot is covered by a veil imprinted with stars. Stars are eternal and ancient. They symbolize that the charioteer is seeing “the big picture.” His Higher Self is directing his path.

The charioteer is still advancing toward his goal, and yet he is already crowned and sceptered. He has already won. He made the decision to have courage direct his path instead of a need for comfort, assurance, and security.

Today take risks to improve your life even if there are no guarantees. Choosing courage empowers you, and already makes you a winner.

If the Chariot appears Reversed it means that anxiety could be undermining your sense of control. Are there some tasks that have been piling up that need to be addressed? Avoidance will only make things feel more "out of control." Don't let amorphous unfinished business, and "what ifs" steal away your sense of power. You are in the driver's seat of your life. You get to choose whether to live powerfully or fearfully. Once you actually confront what you have been avoiding, you will feel a surge of confidence and self esteem. Do your best-self a favor and get things back on track!

Sometimes worrying about making the "right choice" paralyzes us from making any choices at all. This is far worse, as it can place you in a reactive fear rut. Today, boldly be proactive. Take charge. Even when this card is reversed it reminds you that you still have the qualities of the brave charioteer. The Great Mystery symbolized by the sphinxes will lead you to safety every time. There is no need to fear mistakes. They are the best teachers. Be confident!

Elliot Oracle