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The Card of the Day: The Eight of Swords (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Eight of Swords (Reversed)

“Freeing yourself from the bonds of fear.” 


The Eight of Swords illustrates the kind of fear that blinds us, causing us to not see the present. It paralyzes us as we wait for "bad things" to come to pass. The Eight of Swords symbolizes fear that relies on past evidence to validate it. Something traumatic happened to the woman in the card. She was blindfolded, bound up, and abandoned. The people who brought her to this place are gone. Her fear that she is worthless has convinced her that all that remains is to wait for the tide to come, and swallow her whole. She has been "shunned."

Has a traumatic experience from your past made you feel damaged or worthless? Is fear blinding and binding you somehow? Are you so focused on potential catastrophes that you can't see your many opportunites? Do you rationalize your fears using past traumas to validate their existence?

The Eight of Swords uses grey imagery that makes the woman's situation look hopeless and bleak. But always with the tarot you must look closer....

She can free herself! So easily!

Wait, wha?!

She could use any one of the abandoned swords that flank her to cut the ties around her hands. With her hands free she could quickly remove the blindfold. Her legs obviously work so she could still run to the safety. Perhaps she could seek sanctuary in large castle behind her. Why is she not focusing on fighting for herself, or her survival? Why is she accepting the shame cast on her by others without fighting?

It's because she really believes she is worthless.

Feelings of worthlessness are lies that will keep you scared and bound. Today you must see your worth! If you are having trouble seeing your worth, look at the people that love you most. How would they feel without your love in their lives? How sad would they be if they never experienced the special memories you made? Reflect on your irreplaceable light today. Your light is so special, so uniquely you. In the whole cosmos, there is only one like it.

Let's see if there's still some fight left in you today. Cut away the fears that bind you, rip away the blindfold! Stand up to what is scaring you. Feel your mighty worth. The past can't get you now so don't let it continue to overthrow your mind.

You are a survivor.

You are worthy.

When the Eight of Swords appears reversed it means you are escaping from once powerful self-limiting thoughts. Old fears that once had a great hold over your life and are now losing their grip. Reversed cards bring a quality of mutability to the fixed imagery of upright cards. Reversed cards also indicate inwardly-directed healing is occurring around the issues that the symbols are depicting. In the case of the Eight of Swords it indicates that the blindfold is coming off, allowing you to see yourself, with clear perspective. You can choose to see the whole you, as opposed to only seeing the worries, fears, or limitations that surround just a small part of you. The Eight of Swords reversed represents escape. Like Harry Houdini, you are wriggling out of the mental traps that used to bind and blind you. You are becoming more adept at seeing yourself clearly, without the outworn blindfold. You can see more of your opportunities and gifts. You can begin to see what really makes you happy in this life. Without the blindfold you can see the light again, and your worth. You can see you are so much more than what you are worried about at any given time.

What are all the various roles you play in life? Are you an Artist? Comedian? Lover? Mother? Writer? Musician? Brother? Sister? Mechanic? Teacher? Wise One? Healer? Driver? Collector? Best fried? Doctor? Scholar? Expert? Gardener? Father? Daughter? Tarot reader? Your roles change depending on who it is that you are interacting with. Also, each role is only one piece of all that you embody.  Don't feel trapped by limiting yourself to only one role, blindly worrying about one aspect of your life that fails to encapsulate "the whole you." You are not one dimensional. Look at all of your complex roles you play in this life. Write them down. Remember all that you are. Take off the blindfold and cut away your bonds. See the value of the whole you with eyes wide open. This will cause the fears surrounding only one part of your life to look small by comparison. Enjoy the gift of perspective. You are free whenever you choose to be.

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