The Card of the Day: The King of Cups

“Feelings as fuel.” 


Everybody likes the King of Cups. He is kind, affable, and forgiving. He has nothing left to prove to the world, which makes him unpretentious. This is because he is completely at peace with his own feelings. He has experienced both stormy seas, and still waters that run deep. Water and cups represents feelings in the tarot, and the King of Cups is perfectly at home in the realm of his emotions. He tells us, "You are always going to have 'feelings,' why not channel their power into something constructive?"

Do you have an awareness of your feelings at this time, or do you stay busy to avoid them? Were you taught "feelings" are bad or weak? Are you sometimes so ruled by negative past emotions that you are left feeling sad, unmotivated, and depressed?

The King of Cups knows that emotions can buoy us, or sink us. Feelings can be helpful or destructive, just like the ocean. Emotions aren't good or bad, they are just fuel. The mind chooses the direction of where feelings flow. Once unleashed this can create a powerful current that manifests results, either positive or negative.

Two symbols appear the background of the King's card. The whale and the ship. The whale is the record keeper of the ocean. They are the ancient giants that remember all the way back to a time when they used to live on land. The whale symbolizes the ability to access old memories from the depths. Whales breathe air, giving them the ability to bring old, painful memories to the surface for understanding and healing. By making peace with the past you no longer have to work so hard to resist it.

The floating ship represents the power of the mind to invent solutions to harness the water (feelings). The seas and oceans used to be large barriers before humans could build ships. After people started inventing boats, the waters became super highways. Ideas were exchanged and trade increased. The waters were channeled into a positive result.

The King's stable throne remains above the waves. He is not ruled by his feelings but governs them. He stays in contact with his deep emotions and memories (the whale), but he is not overcome and submerged by them (the ship). He is able to place his focus on a goal and then summon the powers of his emotions as fuel to achieve it.

Today you choose whether to sink or swim in your own feelings. Heed the King's advice and make peace with the past. Forgive yourself for whatever is keeping you stuck. Forgive others who have hurt you, or theywill continue to rule the direction of your feelings.

Your depth makes you powerful. Embrace it!

Elliot Oracle