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By viewing individual situations through this lens, clients gain safety and distance from their fears and can detach from specific outcomes.

The Card of the Day: The Page of Swords

The Card of the Day: The Page of Swords

“Lowering unnecessary defenses.” 


The Page of Swords represents unnecessary defensiveness. These defenses guard a wounded area of the heart that needs healing. The Page of Swords guards himself from the feedback others give, which stunts his development. He often pretends that “he is fine,” and it’s actually “everyone else” that has the issue. If the Page of Swords could lower these unneeded defenses, he would actually experience a breakthrough. This openness would get him past the blockages he keeps experiencing. He would then move forward in his life to the next level.

Do you ever get defensive? (If you rush to say “No!,” then this card is for you!) Is it difficult to hear honest feedback from others, or even worse, corrections? Is fear of people seeing your vulnerabilities causing you to shut down, or detach?

The Page of Swords is often misunderstood, and has been described as dishonest. But this isn’t really fair. He is not a “liar.” He is actually in denial about some really difficult feelings. The Page of Swords is not a bad person. He just has some maturing to do.

Maturing?! He doesn’t agree! He is “never wrong.” He is always the best at what he does. He’s read the most books, won the most games, and has the most achievements. He is more clever than the other Pages of the Tarot. He says, “Me needing to mature?!” “You’re crazy!” “Look at how stupid they are.” “I’m the smartest one!”

Look closely at the Page of Swords’ position in the picture. He is guarding himself. The sword is raised to swing at any incomer. It is difficult to hug this Page. You just can’t seem to get close. He is in total defensive position. Even the biting winds of his words warn you to keep distant. They upset the birds above, and lash at the trees. All this defensiveness is actually a mask for hurt. A feeling of vulnerability that others will discover he doesn’t feel one hundred percent confident about what he is doing. If he could open himself to taking honest feedback, and admit he doesn’t know everything, he would actually experience a huge breakthrough.

Today, it’s time to find the place within that feels most defensive. This is where a fear is residing. Openly facing this fear, and accepting your need for growth in this area, will make it possible to grow past it. It is so easy to detach, deny, and forget your vulnerabilities. If you are a smart person like the Page of Swords, you might have rationalized your best areas for growth away. Release the need to prove you are correct today. Don’t insist on running to your own defense. If the feedback you are hearing isn’t valid, then you’ll know it. No need to react unseemly.

Gently lower any defenses today, with yourself and with others.

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