The Card of the Day: The Star (Reversed)

“Remembering transcendence.”


The Star is a marvelous symbol of hope and healing after turbulent times. It symbolizes manifesting what really matters to you, the big stuff, your real life purpose. The Star asks you to follow your inner North Star, the compass point that leads you back to your authentic self, the best of who you really are.

What do you think you are here on this planet to do? Have you lost perspective? Have you lost hope that your dreams can come true? Is it time to “come home” to your best self?

The woman under the Star on the card has drawn the healing waters of manifestation from the Universe. She is pouring some of these waters on the parched earth, symbolizing a replenishment of her world, and the neglected parts of her self. What feels dry and parched in your world? What needs replenishment and watering?

The woman is also pouring some of the water back into the pool. She is giving something of herself back to the collective, to make it even better. “To whom much is given, much is required.” As long as she keeps returning blessings to the pool, she will be able to draw future blessings from it.

In the background sitting in a tree is an Ibis bird. The Ibis was very sacred in ancient Egypt. It is the emblem of the God of Wisdom, Thoth. The Ibis shows that we possess all the wisdom we need to look at our life from a higher perspective and see where we are truly needed right now.

How can you restore both yourself and others? First you have to make sure you’re not all dried up! Then it’s time to open your eyes to where you are needed. If you’ve ever volenteered to help the homeless, or sat with an old lonely lady that needed to talk, or showed kindness to a depressed waitress in a rough life patch, then you’ve been doing the work of the Star. You’ve been replenishing the waters of the collective good.

Today is time to replenish the neglected parts of  yourself and then pass on a blessing to another. Remind yourself of your authentic mission in this life. What is the “big stuff” you lost sight of? Follow your North Star back to the best parts of you, and your true life’s purpose.

If you continue to pass on blessings to others, you will always be blessed.

When the Star appears reversed it signals a need to draw from the universal pond of the eternal while still fulfilling your practical responsibilities. This card encourages balance. It is important to give equal consideration to both your spiritual needs as well as investing time and energy into the practical. When this card appears reversed it can indicate an imbalance. One aspect of your life may be receiving the majority of your energy, leading to the neglect of another. The Star is a very spiritual card with an emphasis on the eternal, otherworldly and mystical. When this card appears reversed it could indicate that you have been swimming in the universal pool for too long and may be ignoring some important practical matters. Look how the woman on the card takes water from the pool and spreads it on the dry earth. You may need to invest some more of your energy into something practical and mundane yet necessary.

Conversly, the Star reversed can indicate a neglect of what is eternal within you. By pouring all your energy on the dry earth you may be forgetting to look at the situation from a transcendent place. It may be time to draw inspiration from the pool, reclaim your wisdom, and step into an awareness that you are a luminous and eternal spirit in human form. It may also benefit you to invest time in activities that make your spirit feel inspired, vital and engaged.

Human beings are all children of the stars. The same atoms that make up the cosmos are present in our own bodies. Our creative contributions to the planet are also part of a larger universal pool. Today, it is not all or nothing. You can be a practical person that still remains connected with your spirit. You can also be a spiritually evolved individual who pays their gas bill on time! After you have balanced your inner and outer world the Star (upright or reversed) requires you to give something of yourself back to the universal pool; something to benefit all. Share your gifts with others today without expecting a return. This will ensure the eternal pool within remains full.

Elliot Oracle