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The Card of the Day: The Page of Cups

The Card of the Day: The Page of Cups



The Page of Cups symbolizes the creative inner-child. This is the part of you that can still be amazed with wonder and curiosity at the world around you. Everybody has creative energy, and it is expressed differently by each individual. The Page of Cups invites you to play, be inspired, make something beautiful, bring more color into your world, and create joyful memories with others.

Oh, and he also likes to pull ”impy” pranks once in a while...

Do you avoid your creativity because in your mind you are “no artist?” Do you remember the joy of being creative as a child? Do you ever just let loose and allow yourself to play?

If the Page of Cups were 100 years old he would still find time to play. He is the archetype of the creativity children display. He is dressed in pink and blue. Pink is the color of love, harmony, kindness, and the heart. Blue is the color of communication, healing, creativity, and depth. He is a master at communicating his creativity, and directly lightening the hearts of others.

Like many children, he’s taken his pet along with him where he isn’t supposed to. In this case it’s a fish, representing again, depth, and creative wisdom, but also luck. The water lillies on his tunic shows that he blossoms in the realm of feelings and emotions. He is very sensitive, but often is having too much of a good time to sit about moping.

Your inner creative child wants some attention! It wants to play! If you give in, I promise you’ll have fun. Children have a trust for accepting the magic of “making stuff.” They love to draw pictures, paint Easter eggs, and make turkeys out of hand tracings. They never say, “Well I’m sorry I can’t paint today, because I am terrible at it, and I am not a professional artist.” They dive right in because it’s fun! It also keeps them too busy to think of scary things like sharks, boogymen, and monsters waiting in the closet (keeping your creative mind occupied gives an advantage of not imagining frightening things).

Today turn off your inner critic who always whispers “should do this,” in your ear and do something artistic or creative just for the joy of it. Make your house more vibrant and colorful. Do some crafts, make something boring-fun, spend some time teasing a big baby (especially a grown up one)!

Embrace fun, craftiness, foolery, and beauty, and you’ll see the day went by without dwelling on monsters.

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