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By viewing individual situations through this lens, clients gain safety and distance from their fears and can detach from specific outcomes.

The Card of the Day: The Ten of Wands (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Ten of Wands (Reversed)

“Harvesting the fruits of your labors.”


The Ten of Wands represents being of service to others for the success of the whole. This includes the whole family, whole organization, or whole community. The Ten of Wands reminds you that it is never a waste of time to put forward your best efforts, especially if is improving the lives of others. Although your burdens may feel heavy at times, take heart. The efforts you are exerting now will ensure a brighter future. What goes around comes around!

At times do you feel like the man on the card, struggling and straining with the tasks on your shoulders? Do you express your love to others by your actions, more than words? Are your efforts being pooled in a direction that with benefit not only you, but others?

The man on the card is hard at work. He is returning from the fields with a great harvest, but the work is not easy. At first glance this card might elicit feelings of stress and exhaustion. But if you look closer, you see why the man is struggling. His huge house looms in the background. It's size suggests that he doesn't live alone, but has a large family living there, depending on him. Although we can't see the man's face, I'd like to think he wears a determined smile. He knows that his work matters, and is valued by the whole. Without him everything would fall. There would be no house, no money, no food, no loving and safe environment for his children to grow in. His service is his greatest expression of love. Although his present moment feels tough, he is ensuring a greater future for everyone. This is the dream of every family; to leave the next generation with more stable than the one before.

Some burdens in life can feel hard to carry. Unexpected events happen. Things just get dropped in your path. Someone you love might need help. This is just part of life. There is nobility in serving the whole, but only if everyone in the whole is also doing their part. Serving shouldn't be confused with codependency. The people you are helping need to be able to demonstrate they are also helping themselves. Even people you care about need to demonstrate that (if they are able) they are willing to carry their own bundle of sticks!

This card also has a harvest theme to it. This indicates that the toil, work and service you put into your long-term goals with provide a bountiful harvest. This card has a Saturnine quality to it, indicating that if you do the work and endure the discomfort you will eventually enjoy the reward. 

If the Ten of Wands appears reversed it asks you to take a break from your burdens and enjoy the harvest. Today, recognize how your efforts have helped the whole. Then find some time just for you! If you've been working hard for a better tomorrow you've already proven your service. Working toward a more stable future isn't worth a whit if you are too exhausted to appreciate it. Look around and fully enjoy your comfortable home, and the delicious foods that you eat. Share these moments with people you care about. Taking a break will ensure that you have the energy to be there for others in the future.

So today, put down your burdens and lighten up. Life is not all work and drudgery. Look around you. Be present and aware of all the wonderful things that you can see in front of you. You manifested that! Be proud of the work you do and treat yourself well today. After all, even the titan Atlas got a break from carrying the burdens of the world on his back. 

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