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The Card of the Day: The Tower (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Tower (Reversed)

“Shaky foundations are a sign that something needs to be released.” 


The people falling from the Tower were prisoners of their own making. They built walls around themselves that grew taller and taller. These walls separated them from feeling reality. The Tower gained in size and made them numb. Being numb kept them "safe," from being hurt by the past and the present. In the Tower they could pretend there was no loss, change or death happening outside. They would say things like, "I'm great! No sad things ever happened...what are you talking about?" The lightning on the card represents the inevitable crisis the Universe always sends, to cause those in denial to wake up and to heal what needs healing.

Are there unresolved hurts from the past that you need to heal, surrender and clear? What would you rather not deal with right now? Do you "zone-out" to deny reality?" Is there a fear that if you open yourself to feeling it will hurt too much and won't stop?

Despite the destructive imagery, the Tower is actually one of the most healing cards in the tarot. The Tower snaps us out of pretending we are not hurting. It is a cathartic card, where old pains are finally felt, and released for healing. In that way, the old pains no longer keep us a prisoner, escaping reality. When you reflect back on your life, and remember the moments that made you strongest, they are mostly the hard times. Avoiding challenges doesn't make us strong, dealing with them does.

Denial of truth is unsustainable. Spirit/God/the Universe always sends along a proverbial lightning bolt to snap us out of delusion. The breakdown moment is actually a blessing. Once the truth of the situation is accepted, it can then be healed.

Today stop hiding from something that you know needs to be felt. Don't deny your feelings another day or they will continue to keep you stuck. Give yourself some privacy and space to really feel something that hurts. Release it through tears or even yelling. A wise teacher of mine told me that if you can't scream in the house because there are people around, do it in the car..... people will just think you're singing.

Let that *%#! go!

 If the Tower appears reversed you may have just undergone a period where everything felt shaky, uncertain and full of volatile changes. Although the Tower indicates a transformative period that can be deeply healing, it always accompanies a feeling of instability. Old, outdated structures in your life are being swept away. This clearing is making room for positive new beginnings in your life. If you cooperate with your life changes at this time, you will feel electric, as if there is divine momentum propelling you forward on your path. Although you may feel not very sure about where your path is heading, this card indicates that it can only get better from here. Just be sure that you aren’t continuing to cling onto what you’ve recently outgrown.

A new day is dawning for you, but you can't take the same old baggage with you. Accept the changes that are happening right now, they are timely and truly for the best. This card position often feels like a hurricane just ran through your life, and now you are charged with the duty to clean it all up. The thing you must keep in mind is that the storm is over. It is time to move forward and not be fixated on what has just changed. There will be time enough in the future to emotionally process your recent transformation. For now, you must stay clear and focused on what your priority is at this time.

Upright or reversed, this card advises you to throw out what you don't need anymore, either in your environment, or in your head. The changes you are experiencing will feel traumatic if you resist them. Accept what the Universe is presenting you and summon your courage. There is unseen magic at play in your life right now that will be revealed with hindsight. The changes accompanying this card are swift. The storm clouds will clear as they always do, you’ll see!

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