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The Card of the Day: The King of Pentacles (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The King of Pentacles (Reversed)

“Getting organized in your thinking.” 


The King of Pentacles represents the golden path to worldly success. He is someone who has "made it." The Bulls on his throne are a symbol for the astrological sign of Taurus. They represent stubborn tenacity and a commitment to reaching your goals. The King is surrounded by abundant possessions and lives in a shining castle. The King of Pentacles is looked upon by others as lucky. However, his success stems from knowing that "luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity."

Are you feeling nervous about your financial future? Is there something you want to achieve, but don’t even know where to begin? Would you say your thoughts about wealth in your life are positive or negative at this time?

The King of Pentacles is among the favorite children of his mother the Empress. He alone has been entrusted with her golden scepter which makes things grow. The reason the Empress trusts the King of Pentacles is because he has proven himself to be patient, prepared, and approaches his tasks with loving-willingness.

The King’s robes are covered with grapes. Grapes are notoriously fickle and need a lot of patience to cultivate. This is especially true when transforming the grapes into pleasure-bringing wine. The King of Pentacles has the perfect temperament for nurturing these magical berries. He is out in the vineyards long before the growing season, tending to the soil, and preparing the vines for the coming harvests. His patience and skill have made him wealthy, as everyone wants to taste his magical brew. The King understands that to truly get success from life’s pursuits, you have to enjoy them. You have to appreciate your responsibilities, taking them up with gratitude and a long view of the security they will provide. All of the King’s labors are undertaken with love for what he is doing. This ensures that as the grapes grow, they are infused with sweetness, and not bitterness.

To achieve the success of the King of Pentacles you will need several things. First, you need patience. Not everyday is sunny. Be reminded that the rainy days contribute life-giving water. Anything that is worth anything requires time to develop. This includes your goals, skills, and gifts. The grapes on the vine cannot be hurried, and must be tended kindly and consistently.

Secondly, you need to prepare for the future. Establish your goals. Write them down. Break them up into achievable bites. A checklist is a great tool for bringing structure to the achievement of a goal. It will also reveal what else you will need to do, and how far you have come. This will bolster your sense of accomplishment.

Lastly, you need to approach what you are doing with love. Infuse your responsibilities with a willing and grateful heart. This will bring much better results than if your tasks are approached with resentment, fear, or worry. This attitude will also guarantee that the grapes you cultivate are “sweet grapes,” and not ”grapes of wrath.”

Good luck will always find you if you stay prepared and positive. What are you preparing? What opportunities are you on the lookout for? Do you have your checklist? When the opportunities arise, act on them. You will already be ready!

The King of Pentacles signifies health, wealth, stability, success, and joy. Be content.

When the King of Pentacles appears reversed he signals that it is time to get organized in your thinking. Future goals can quickly become overwhelming if you try to tackle every single detail from the start. The King of Pentacles advises you to break up your major goals into smaller achievable tasks. Be patient with yourself, and with the process.

What is the most pressing issue that needs to be addressed in order to begin the journey toward your goal? What seems to be habitually holding up progress? Are you avoiding something out of fear? What do you need to learn more about to take your next steps?

Take your major goal and break it up into a manageable sequence of steps. Organize your tasks into a manageable schedule, and take action. The King of Pentacles is a master organizer. He patiently and lovingly tends his vineyard over time, ensuring the sweetest grapes. The best grapes cannot be hurried. The King's example can help you remove the "mental clutter" that are obstacles toward progress. He exemplifies the notion that Rome was not built in a day........ but also reminds you that Rome was eventually built. It's time to not only be proactive, but patient as well. Before you know it, you will taste the sweetest grapes.

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