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The Card of the Day: The Two of Wands (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Two of Wands (Reversed)

 “Release worries about a future that is not yet manifested.”


The Two of Wands represents the sense that there is something missing...and that if you were to get that "thing," then you would be happy. This restlessness can be useful to help you set goals, and make improvements to your life. However, the Two of Wands warns that achievements and acquisitions will not be what finally "makes" you happy. Getting what you desire can feel good for a time, but if you gain the achievement, without authentic love for yourself, the achievement will soon feel hollow. The restless search for happiness through achievements, money, relationships, or status symbols can get you nowhere fast!

Do you ever think "I'll be happy when I finally have X"? Do you feel restless or anxious that you haven't lived up to your "life's purpose" yet? Do you somehow believe that the right salary, the right position, the right weight, or even the right person has the power to finally "make you" happy?

A lord of a manor looks out, over the great expanse of his estate. He always felt restless as a child, feeling there was something missing. He believed that he could find joy if he just get to the right place in life. He was very poor growing up and his family struggled for money. He saw how poverty made those around him suffer, so he thought, "If I made a lot of money one day, then I'd finally be happy." He learned how to sail, and traded goods from all over the world. Soon the young man became very wealthy.

But money didn't quite satisfy this man, or give him the joy he thought it would. He must be crazy! He always wanted wealth...and yet, this didn't seem to be enough. He looked at the nobility around him. They all acted happy with themselves. What did they all have that he didn't? They lived in castles of course! So he thought "I think I'll finally be happy if I live in a fine castle, with battlements and a beautiful view of the sea.

So the man purchased the grandest estate in the land, with a beautiful view of the ocean. This made him feel good finally....for a couple days. Then that old restless feeling came back....We catch a glimpse of him now in the picture. You can see him holding a globe, looking out restlessly, beyond the sea. He's thinking....I'd be happy if I finally owned the whole world, with all of its treasures.

How much are you willing to bet that even "the whole world" won't make him happy?

Abraham Lincoln said, ""Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

The lesson of the Two of Wands is that the acquiring of "things," and the achievement of goals is not enough to bring happiness to an already unhappy heart. Money can make it easier to enjoy your life, but it will not actually "give" joy to your life.

The truth is that accomplishments, other people, how you look, and money can't "make" you happy, if you aren't already happy with yourself as you are now. If you can find self-love and joy, at this moment, without achieving another goal in life, then you have freed yourself from the restless search.

Today, stop thinking..."If I lose five pounds I'll be happy....If I find the right person I'll be happy.....If I get the right job I'll be happy.....If I become a doctor I'll be happy.....If enough people "like" my post I'll be happy......If I just looked a certain way I'd be happy.....

It's not true! Wherever you go, there you are!

When the Two of Wands appears reversed it represents obsessive planning and thinking about future events that you don’t have control over. This card tells you that you may be getting ahead of yourself. Are you lost in a trance of a future, full of grandiosity or calamities, that hasn't manifested yet? The man on the card is lost in his machinations for the future as well. The Lord of the manor on the card is not present. When reversed this card indicates that you may have to stop hoping, planning, wishing , dreading, or obsessing about a future that is not here yet. Worrying about events that have not yet transpired can rob you peace in yourself in the moment.

Give worrying about the future a rest. The truth is, the future that you are spending so much energy on planning to the minutest detail will probably not resemble your plan completely anyway. Like the lord of the manor on the card, you are surrounded by life's blessings right now, but you have to remind yourself to stay present experience them. Making a plan for the future is healthy and necessary, but obsessing about it is not. Nothing seems to ever go exactly according to plan in life. Nature has a way of breaking rules we try to impose. Do the task in front of you with excellence, and let go of the worries that are out of your control.

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