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Hi, I'm Elliot.

Tarot is my passion. My goal is to help my clients to avoid pitfalls and manifest their dreams.

The Card of the Day: The Sun (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Sun (Reversed)

“Still the best card in the deck!” 


The Sun is considered by many to be the best card in the deck. It signifies success, optimism, and everything generally working out as it should. The Sun is life, light, and vitality. The truth is, the Sun’s energy (figuratively, and literally) is present not just for today, but everyday. We just get so wrapped up in our dramas and inner turmoil that we forget to remember this perspective! Every day the Sun rises. Everyday there is a new opportunity to feel grateful for existing, to make good choices, and to celebrate living.

Is your life presently feeling sunny, or obscured by clouds? Are you approaching today with joy or dread? Do you know you can instantly change your feelings by changing your perspective?

The imagery of the card is vibrant and joyous. The Sun baby riding the horse represent the dawn. Each day begins anew. The child reminds you to look at the magic of existence with wonder, not as a problem that always needs solving. You don't need to be in control of everything. You don't need to run the solar system, that's the Sun's job! The Sun baby is having a blast riding his horse. Horses symbolize assistance. These are the animals that aided humanity in the growth of civilization. Horses made it possible to cross once vast and impossible distances. This symbolizes that the help that you need will come when you need it. It may seem so impossible right now, but solutions to the impossible will find their way to you, every time!

Why am I so confident everything work out? Because it always does! Don't you remember all the other times it did? If you can't trust this truth, then you may as well believe that when night comes, it will stay dark forever. Sounds preposterous doesn't it? The light will always return. That's just common sense.

The Sun is always up there, in the sky, blessing us with life. We wouldn’t be here without him. Even when he is hidden behind the clouds, he always emerges again. Even when light leaves our world each day, the Sun promises to come back with the dawn.  This is a fundamental truth for all of us. Light will always re-emerge, even after your darkest moments.

So lighten up! Stop being so negative about life's snafus as they appear. They are just clouds. It may get dark periodically, but it won't stay that way for long. Be patient, joyful, and grateful for this moment. Everything is working out just as it should.

I am as sure of this, as the Sun rising in the East.

Upright or Reversed, the Sun is always the best card in the deck! The Reversed Sun may be indicating that you have had your share of cloudy setbacks up until this point. However, now things are beginning to brighten up. Express your vitality, move, and brighten the lives of others by exuding joy. The horse on the card is a reminder that any assistance you need to get to the next place in your life is out there, and will arrive just when you need it. Look at your possibilities with the magical eyes of a child, with wonder, excitement and promise. There is so much good stuff ahead for you! Do you truly believe this? If not, it's time to start.

Today, be optimistic. A new day has dawned and you can choose your life's direction from this point forward. Boldy step forward, into the light.

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