The Card of the Day: The Nine of Cups

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”


The Nine of Cups represents savoring life and all its pleasures. It symbolizes the enthusiasm you will awaken when you see the Universe is offering you a series of exciting opportunities and blessings, instead of a slew of anxiety-ridden obstacles. Every day is a choice, to either have a passion for living, or a fear of it. The table is set for all your wishes to come true. You just have to be bold and proactive!

Is anxiety and worry preventing your joy? Do you feel like there are too many "bad" things happening so you couldn't possibly enjoy the present moment? Are you aware that life is as good or as bad as your perception of it?

The jovial man in the card has a passion for living, feasting, tasting! Sure he's chubby, but in 1909 when this card was drawn that was a good thing! It meant that you were eatin' good! He knows he's lucky. His red hat and stockings represent his vitality and boldness. He's dressed as a merchant. The successes he's acquired (the nine cups in a row) weren't just given to him, he went out in the world and got them. However, before he could acquire them, he had to realize they were already out there, ripe for the taking.

Life is what's happening out there, in front of you, right now, not in your head! Instead of worrying about the future ask yourself, "Is there anything I could be doing to resolve my current issues so I can get back to the business of living?" Silently reclusing, and brooding about anxieties robs you of all the possibilities for your wishes to come true. The cups are out there. You can have them too, you just might need to overcome your fear of "out there" to get them.

Today, don't waste another minute on brooding, hiding or feeling bad about yourself or your situation. Get out there and make it happen! The banquet is set, but what attitude are you bringing to the table? Are you savoring the juiciness of life?

I love Rosalind Russell's 1958 performance as "Auntie Mame." Anyone in a depressed or discouraged mood about life should watch it! She "gets it" when she exclaims: “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

Elliot Oracle