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The Card of the Day: The Nine of Pentacles

The Card of the Day: The Nine of Pentacles

 “Raise your standards.”


The Nine of Pentacles represents wealth and security. It also symbolizes savoring your success. Every financial guru teaches that gratitude for what you have leads to even more wealth. The Nine of Pentacles teaches that wealth follows your focus (which must be trained), and is more of a state of mind than a dollar amount. My late Grandfather used to say “I don’t ask to be a millionaire, I ask to live like one!” If you want to experience even more wealth, you will have to slow down, acknowledge your success, and train your focus.

Do you take the time to slow down and savor your successes? How would you rate your concept of “self-worth?” Does your environment feel like it exudes “wealth energy?” Does it feel balanced, look appealing, and smell like abundance? (If not it might be time to get a book about feng shui from the library.)

The wealthy woman on this card admires her abundant garden. It shines with the golden light of success. Her palace sits aloft the hills in the distance. She is training her pet falcon. Falcons are famous for their focus and their speed. The woman has placed a hood over the falcon. This symbolizes that she has learned how to train her own focus. She knows that what she places her attention on, she receives. The falcon is not racing ahead for a hunt, or frantically looking for his next prey. He is instead enjoying the affection of his mistress. He is also listening carefully to her encouraging words.

The woman has another pet with her in the garden....this one is rather difficult to see but also teaches a very important lesson..............look closely..............can you spot it?

Far down in the left hand corner of the image is a snail. Snails are sloooooowwwwww. They take their time to reach their destination. In fact “destinations” aren’t important to them because snails are always at home. The woman keeps the snail in her garden. Snails are very sensitive to their environments. This reminds her that in order to ensure that even more wealth flows, she needs to slow down, take care of her environment, and savor her current success. The wealthy woman makes sure that her garden is only filled with imagery that conjures up a sense of abundance. This keeps her little companions healthy, and ensures wealth is continuously attracted to her.

Today, it's time to slow down and savor your wealth. It's a state of mind. Take control of your focus. Enhance your environment to embody feelings of wealth, and success. Perhaps you need more green in your home. Maybe the house needs to be cleaned up. Like the snail, you are very sensitive to your environment. See to it that your home gives you a positive sensory experience in every room. Light some candles, and place some richly colored pillows. Place some abundant plants by the windows, or get a “money tree.” Ensure that your home smells good, and pleases all the senses. When you look around you should see an abundant environment that displays your success.

Slow down and create an environment that will encourage feelings of success. Wealth will follow.

 When the Nine of Pentacles appears reversed it calls your attention to anything that you are tolerating in your life that is beneath your personal standards of excellence. Often when you are immersed in a messy relationship, environment, or situation, you can slowly become numb to it. After a while you forget to even notice anything that is out of balance. This becomes the new normal.

Living with garbage can make you feel like garbage. Today take an honest assessment of your personal environment. Also, look within your heart for any garbage that needs to be taken out. Does your environment and state of mind meet with your standards of excellence? Are you happy with the way things are? Is there some work you need to do on yourself to improve? Like the beautiful garden on the card, your environment needs to exemplify stately beauty. This includes your state of mind. Know that you deserve the best, and don’t feel you need to accept anything that undermines your sense of self-worth. Speak up and take control of your personal garden today. Take the hood off the falcon and train your focus on improving anything that does not meet with your standards. You deserve the best!

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