The Card of the Day: The Two of Swords

 “Making peace with in-between.”


The Two of Swords symbolizes making peace with the feeling of being “in between.” In between life stages, in between jobs, in between relationships, in between projects, in between moving situations, in between friendships, in between career goals, in between big plans, etc. The card advises you to find your center in the midst of the transformations swirling around you. The truth is, we are always in a state of "in-between" somewhere in our lives. The Two of Swords illuminates that the place in your life that feels unresolved, is actually where life's greatest magic is happening.

What feels uneasy or unresolved in your life? Is this "in-between" situation making you anxious about the future? Can you be at peace with not having everything perfect and completely figured out right now?

The figure on the Two of Swords is also in between. In between the land and the sea. In between the new moon and the full moon. In between the two swords she is holding. Yet, she is in a pose of complete balance. The woman is also blindfolded. This symbolizes that she "can't see" what is coming. But look how calm and centered she is. She has accepted not seeing with her eyes because she is at peace with her center, with the core of who she really is . She's okay with not having everything figured out. She's accepted being "between the worlds." "She knows that "in between" is where the magic of the natural world happens. She has wisdom.

In nature, the in-between time is at dusk or dawn, and it is magical. At dusk all the animals get ready for the transition to night. The birds excitedly chirp for their companions to come roost for the night. The quiet deer come out of hiding to drink at the pond. The owls rise and call to one another. The light in the sky transforms. The atmosphere at sunset stirs the winds. The clouds glow in shades shades of violet-pink and golden-orange. If you witness this, there is usually a sense of peace and tranquility in the midst of all this activity. That is because it is nature. Nature guides us to experience serenity in the midst of transition.

Today, the Two of Swords asks you to make peace with the area of your life that is still in between. It's just like the dusk leading to night, followed by dawn. This is the area where your best self is being awakened. The lessons in this experience are making you wiser, stronger, and more in tune with your center. Your best potential is being made manifest.

You are exactly where you need to be, and everything is transitioning perfectly.

Elliot Oracle