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The Card of the Day: The Five of Swords (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Five of Swords (Reversed)

 “Pace yourself.”


The Five of Swords warns not to take on more than you can handle, by tackling every unfinished tasks at once. Less gets accomplished (not more), when you are spread too thin. Procrastinating will not help you manifest your dreams, but neither will inundating yourself with the present task (which is the opposite extreme). The Five of Swords encourages you to get organized in your thinking, and break the task down into smaller pieces over time. As a result you will complete it before you know it! You will also be reinforcing your self-esteem and personal power.

Is there a huge task looming in the background that is giving you anxiety? Are you already so overwhelmed with everything you are working on that it’s hard to see how it will all get done? Do you feel spread too thin?

This cards depicts three squires, all trying out for the job of assisting the brave knight. The two squires in the background are defeated. The are focused on the sea, the element of water, their “feelings.” They couldn’t handle all five swords at once, and the knight’s horse, and the knight’s armor, and the knight’s demands, and, and, and........... Aggghh! Stress! They quit!

A fresh breeze blows through the hair of the squire in the foreground. The brisk winds are dispersing the gray clouds in the sky above. The element of air represents reason, logic, and intelligence. This squire finds that he can easily complete the tasks required if he gets organized. Instead of seizing all the swords at once, he will collect only the amount he can carry. He can come back to the other two lying on the ground once he gets the first task completed. In this way, he will do each task well.

Today, don’t waste another minute handling big tasks with avoidance, exasperation, or procrastination. Get organized in your thinking! Pull out your calendar. Partition off one sacred hour a day, for seven days, to plug away at the task. Keep your commitment to yourself. Once its in the calendar it must be done! This is a sacred contract with your integrity and will systematically help you regain self-esteem. If something comes up in life (as sometimes happens), schedule a make-up hour to keep your commitment to yourself. Let in the fresh breezes of action, to break up the grey clouds of indecision.

As you keep your commitment to yourself a strange thing will happen. You will actually look forward to working on your task, because confronting it will make you feel powerful. You can have your dreams but you have to schedule the time to work on them.

When the Five of Swords appears reversed it carries a similar meaning to the upright position, but to an even greater degree. Often this card appears when there is a looming deadline or heavy expectation placed on the self to succeed. This card also appears when you have been pushing hard for something over and over, only to feel like you are hitting a wall. Now is the time to pace yourself with the tasks in front of you, so that you don't burn out. Try not to make the mistake of the discouraged squires in the background of the card. They tried to collect all the swords at once and were quickly overwhelmed by the weight. Instead, do a bit of the task now, leave it, and schedule consistent times to come back to finish the task gradually. Patience and consitency will help you win, don't get flustered or overwhelmed.

The Five of Swords reversed asks you to take control of your stress level by taking control of your time. Be patient, and realize that there are many moving parts that are still finding their mark. Break up larger tasks into smaller ones. Often times, our best work emerges from taking breaks, taking our time, and returning to projects rested and clear-minded.

This job is not nearly as overwhelming as the other big trials you’ve faced in life. You got this!

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