The Card of the Day: The Six of Cups

 “Remember what makes you happy.”


The Six of Cups represents looking back at what made you happy in the past. Many people look back at the past and see only the difficult moments worthy of therapy sessions. However, if you look at your past in its totality, you will realize that along with difficulties there were times when you were joyful and optimistic about the future. The past holds important clues as to what will bring you fulfillment in the future. If you've felt happy before, you can definitely feel happy again.

Who were you when you were happiest? Has the pursuit of "safety and security" taken over your life, causing you to forget your joy? Is it easier to remember the “bad things“ that happened in the past, rather than the good?

The children on this card are part of the little girl's happy memory. The little girl is receiving a gift of flowers. Flowers and gardens are her bliss! There are so many joyful feelings that flowers conjure up for her. In the future, she wants to have a house, garden, and courtyard, just like this! The children feel completely safe in their secure courtyard. A guard is posted in the background to ensure the children can play in the gardens without a care in the world. To emphasize their protection, a large shield is emblazoned on the walkway rail. These children have more than just their basic needs met. They are free to be creative, laugh, and grow in safety and security. The flowers emerging from the cups symbolize that all is thriving happily. The children look at life with complete confidence and optimism, that the future will be just as happy as this moment.

When your basic needs are met (food, shelter, safety, security), you can thrive. You can begin to develop self esteem, and place your attention on the goals and dreams that you wished for yourself as a younger person. As an adult, your chief responsibility is to ensure you have your basic needs in place. This ensures you can focus on what brings you fulfillment and happiness.

The problem for many adults is that they forget to return to the goals that will bring them bliss once their basic needs have been established. They can never make enough money. They can never tear away from work long enough to enjoy the afternoon. People get so caught in the routine of securing basic needs, that it takes over every waking moment. Even if the needs are met, they are programmed to keep securing more. They become only the guard illustrated on the card, and forget the child within. Pretty soon they can't even remember their hopes and wishes, and forget to take action on them.

Today, the Six of Cups asks you to remember what brought you the most bliss. What brought you happiness way back when? This will jog your memory as to who you really are and what life pursuits will bring you fulfillment in the future.

If you've gotten your basic needs for safety and security established it is important that you develop the forgotten parts of yourself. Your dreams and wishes can come true, but first you must remember them. Look back at the happier times in your life for clues as to what you want your future to be like. If you can remember the feeling of being happy before, you can most assuredly have it again.

Elliot Oracle