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The Card of the Day: The Four of Cups (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Four of Cups (Reversed)

 “Accepting instead of always refusing.”


The Four of Cups reminds us see all the good things being offered to you in the present. Thinking too far ahead, or dwelling on things long past can rob you of now. The present is where life is happening! This current moment is also loaded with abundance, blessings and positive energy. Are you being open to receiving it? Right now is the time to start seeing your gifts and blessings.

Are you focused and worried about the future? Are closed down with a numb heart because of the past and you fear being hurt again? Is something distracting you from from seeing the multitudes of miracles and blessings present in your life?

The Four of Cups shows a sulking man, sitting under a tree. He is fixated on three earthbound cups. These could represent his worldly acquisitions (money, reputation, and image). He is not acknowledging a miracle right behind him! An angelic hand is reaching out of a cloud and is offering him a divine gift. Not only is he not open to accepting (his arms are in a crossed, closed position), he is unable to see it. 

Other people in our world tell us to be constantly worried. Even when we aren't running around at our jobs our minds are still running. Constantly planning for the future. Avoiding pitfalls. Constantly pushing to be better. Endlessly striving. This is just fear in disguise. Fear of being hurt by something. Fear of being caught unaware. Fear of the past repeating itself. Fear of rejection. Fear of loss. Fear, fear, and more fear. Have you ever heard the saying that "Fear robs you of the joy of the present?" Well it does! And the more you engage in it, the more blind you get.

The man in the card isn't happy. If Cups represent "gifts," he already has three in his possession, and there is another on the way. He is not open to receiving because he has "closed down." Look at his posture, he is guarding his heart. Some major pain from the past must have happened to him. His whole present is focused on how to prevent that hurt from happening again. He is lost in projections that aren't there. All he needs to do is look around him. Think how he would freak out if he actually noticed the gift being delivered especially for him from above!

Today accept good things being offered to you. If someone tries to do something nice for you say "Thank you so much," not "No, no, you don't have to do that." Look around you right now. Do you see the colors around you? Do you hear the sounds? Do you see light everywhere? Take a deep breath, let it in. What is wonderful right now about your life?

Joseph Campbell called my attention to a wonderful verse from the Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas that pertains to the imagery of this card:

"His disciples said to him: 'When will the kingdom (paradise) come?' Jesus said, 'It will not come by expectation; they will not say: 'See here,' or 'see there.' But the Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth [now] and men do not see it."

If the Four of Cups appears reversed it may be asking you to snap out of the illusion that you are alone. If you've been doing everything by yourself, or habitually refusing help when it's offered (or not asking for it) you may find yourself shutting down emotionally. This is a trance of feeling completely cut off, and not understood or even cared about by the people around you. The truth is that you can feel connected anytime you choose. However, you must allow yourself to be more vulnerable.

When we emotionally shut down to the good things being offered it's usually because of fear. This fear trance can quickly rob us of energy, joy, and new blessings trying to find their way to us. When the Four of Cups appears reversed it asks you if you've made a habit of "going it alone." It may be time to take down the wall you've built around you and allow others in again. Maybe it's time to invite a friend to dinner, throw a party, or accept a kindness when it's offered. The meaning of this card might be as simple as saying "thank you" when someone does or says something nice instead of saying "no I can manage," while keeping others at arm's length. Nature is based on laws of giving and receiving. If you only participate in one, imbalance will most assuredly occur. Today, don't let fear keep you from feeling connected.

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