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The Card of the Day: The Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

"When the Wheel of Life feels like it is moving in reverse."


The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes unpredictable events, both considered fortunate and unfortunate. These are the events that occur with seeming randomness. They leave you feeling as if you have no control over them. The figures on the turning wheel illustrate that life moves in cycles where it brings periods where you might feel on top of the world, and other times when you feel as if you’ve hit rock bottom. Chaotic and unplanned things do occur in life. The rim of the wheel represents the external world with all its chaotic unpredictability. [1] The center of the wheel represents your center, the seat of your best self. If you can find you way home to your center, then the random things that occur in the world outside of your control will not feel as disturbing.

Are you stuck at the rim of the wheel, rising or falling with each unexpected event in your life that happens? Can you take unexpected events in stride, or are you rigid and inflexible? Do you panic when something doesn't go exactly according to plan?

In the book, "Following Your Path," Alexandra Collins Dickerman perceived the Wheel of Fortune as a metaphor for the changeable external world.[2] If you wrap up your whole identity and self-worth with what everybody “out there" thinks at the rim of the wheel, then you will be doomed to emotionally rise and fall with each acceptance or rejection you receive. However, if you can reconnect with your center (symbolized by the hub of the wheel), you can remain centered, without taking the chaotic ups and downs of life personally. When you operate from your center life no longer feels random, and you can control the direction of the wheel of your life.[3]

When the Wheel of Fortune appears, it is time to get off of the emotional roller coaster and detach from external dramas. Staying fixed at the edge of the wheel can get emotionally exhausting rather quickly. The truth is we don't have complete control of every life event that occurs. Sometimes #*%@ happens! Other people have free will and can act unpredictably. Good things can happen to awful people, and terrible things can happen to good people. Some people win the lottery without having done anything to deserve it. Others get hurt, through no fault of their own. In life, events rarely go “exactly” according to plan. These occurrences are outside of our control. However, we do have the ability to control how we respond to life. We each can choose to let our best-self handle the situation, or the part of ourselves where fear resides.

The Wheel of Fortune appears when it’s time to take random things in stride. Good or bad. Fair or unfair. Don’t take random events in life personally. All you have control over is you and your chosen response. Choose to respond with excellence. Reclaim your connection with your wise center. Sit peacefully within the eye of the storm. View your current situation with the higher awareness that resides within you. If you are centered, you will operate from a place of great personal power. The Wheel of Fortune foretells good luck for those who find their way back to their center.


When the Wheel of Fortune appears reversed it illuminates repetitive cycles, patterns and recurring life-lessons. Just as a wheel that moves in reverse brings a vehicle backward, so too the Wheel of Fortune reversed can take you back to an old life-lesson that seems to be repeating itself over and over. Getting frustrated at the repeated lesson is fruitless. The lesson is recurring because it holds the key to moving forward. Once you accept the lesson, and do the work on self-improvement, the wheel will begin to move forward once again. Surrounding cards may illuminate what this life-lesson is rooted in. Human lives are governed by cycles. Sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down. The key is not to link your whole identity with the place you find yourself on the wheel at this moment.

It can feel frustrating when you eagerly wish to move forward, only to find that seemingly keep moving backwards. However, success is hardly ever arrived at in a straight line. The journey toward success bends, and curves and spirals. Like a spiral it sometimes looping back over itself. Sometimes you will feel like you are back where you started, with no progress being made.... but this is an illusion. Wisdom is accumulated with each cycle. Each time you revisit a challenge you know it more intimately and are able to see dimensions that were not apparent before.

The Wheel is made not just its outer rim (a symbol for the external world), it's source of strength is its center, the hub (a symbol for the divine center within you). Don’t get angry at recurring cycles for there is an important lesson to be received from them. The Universe is always showing you ways to move forward through patterns. Sometimes you do need to go back and pick up an important part of your center that was left behind. 

Don't personalize the ever-turning Wheel, whether it is upright or reversed, whether you find yourself rising or falling. Ask yourself what the Universe is teaching you through the cyclical patterns you are experiencing. Are you learning about your true worth? Perhaps you are remembering how to reclaim your courage. Often, revisiting the place you are stalled to reclaim the part of you that seemed lost, is just the remedy needed to begin progressing forward again. 

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