The Card of the Day: The Four of Wands

“Give yourself over to joy.” 


The imagery of the Four of Wands is fairly straightforward. It shows a party or celebration happening. The figures on the card are dancing, full of mirth. The Four of Wands is all about connecting with others for no other reason than to have laughter, humour, and fun.

When is the last time you had fun for no reason? Do you need to "lighten up?" Do you think you can't enjoy yourself because there are twenty-million unfinished things to do? Are you too shy to come out of your shell?

The Four of Wands appears to remind us that having occasional fun isn't something to feel guilty about. It is necessary to remain a balanced human being! Sometimes there is just no substitute for sipping a cool glass of wine outdoors on a balmy June evening with someone whose company you enjoy. Nothing beats a hot cup of cocoa and a good book when it’s cold outside. There will always be a long list of unfinished things to do. Whether you take a break or not, they'll still be waiting for you..... So why not return to your tasks in a good mood? Celebrate an accomplishment you made, or a goal you reached. Treat yourself. Celebrate that you went to the gym today. You could even just celebrate because it's another day, and you're alive! Life isn't just about flitting from one busy task to the other. It's also about occasionally stopping yourself, and just enjoying the present. Look outside at how pretty the light dances off of the green leaves.

The Four of Wands doesn't necessarily mean you have to go out and party. It's a little less intense than that. Sometimes it just reminds us to connect with people that matter to us. Send some light hearted messages. Write a sweet card. Remind yourself of the really exceptional people in your life, and show them how grateful you are that they exist. Brighten their day if things have been getting heavy for them. Tell a funny story. The best people in our lives are gifts that make our journey through the hills and valleys so much more pleasant.

Today, the tarot gives you a clear mission: "lighten up, look around you, and celebrate being alive."

Elliot Oracle