The Card of the Day: The Emperor



The Emperor is an archetype for establishing firm foundations. He also teaches you that "feeling secure" can only exist when you act assertively and protect your boundaries. If you don't speak up for yourself, you are wearing a sign that tells others that they can take control of your life and its direction. To the Emperor, this is the same as ceding his crown to an invading warlord. The Emperor’s personal honor code forbids it. The Emperor is the personification of the voice within your head that wants you to speak up assertively when something isn’t right. If you feel angry, that others are thoughtless or disrespectful toward you, it's probably because you haven't been letting your "inner Emperor" speak up.

Do you feel disrespected by others, and that your personal boundaries are being tested? Do you have trouble saying "no," without an apologetic excuse or a fib? Do you think assertive people are mostly belligerent jerks, who are selfish and don't care about others?

The Emperor is seated on his throne, decorated with rams. Rams charge, defending their territory and their mates. The Emperor wears armor under his robes. This symbolizes that he ready for action at any time, to stand up and protect his realm. His beard symbolizes thoughtful maturity. The Emperor is never "aggressive," just to prove his masculinity. He takes action only when his world needs to be stabilized and protected. The mountains surrounding him are protective barriers. They are also his seat of power. From their peaks, he can survey all of his realm, and take action to protect his boundaries from barbarian invaders. He is completely relaxed with the scepter, and the orb. The scepter it a symbol for "male," the orb is a symbol for "female." The Emperor holds both in balance, and understands that each are equally indispensable.

The Emperor is a firm figure, the complete opposite of his soft-featured wife, the Empress. The Empress sits  relaxed in her garden, dispensing love, peace, and nurturing to her children. However, her garden can only exists because the Emperor protects its borders, giving her a safe space to do her important work. Within you, there is not only an Empress, but an Emperor as well. Both are vitally important to being a balanced human being. If one archetype is ignored, inner turmoil will result.

Our society is obsessed with gender roles. It brainwashes children into believe that life is a series of "boys are this," and "girls are that." Boys should act more aggressive and assertive, girls should be "nicer" and more accommodating. The truth is, we all have both the Empress, and the Emperor archetypes within us. You have both male and female archetypes within, regardless of what gender you are. Both must be respected for balance and harmony to occur. Too much "Emperor" can make you overly aggressive, combative, and belligerent. Too much "Empress" can make you passive, a doormat, and a victim.

Today the Emperor is calling you to be assertive. You really don't need to "justify" your right to be, but you do need to stand up for it. Respectfully asserting your position is not only healthy, but vital at this time. This could also be a time to create structure to aid in the achievement of a goal. Take responsibility for yourself and your dreams. Stand up and protect your realm. Stop saying "yes" when your inner Emperor is bellowing "NO!"

If you honor the Emperor, he will secure a harmonious garden of joy for you.

Elliot Oracle