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The Card of the Day: The Eight of Pentacles (Reversed).

The Card of the Day: The Eight of Pentacles (Reversed).

"What energy are you infusing your tasks with?"


The Eight of Pentacles represents giving one-hundred and ten percent to the tasks in front of you. This card reminds you to value the skills you are mastering, and to see how they improve the lives of others. “Giving your all” ensures that you can go out into the word with your head held high, confident in your abilities and your self-worth.

Do you truly appreciate the work that you do? What skills are you honing each day, to improve your life? Is it time to stretch yourself, past your comfort zones, and fearlessly toward fulfilling work?

The craftsman on the card busily inscribes his Pentacles with a hammer and chisel. He loves his work. It gives him a channel to focus all his creative energy. A pathway connects his workshop to the little village in the distance. This symbolizes that his work connects him with others. To the townspeople he is not just "the Craftsman." He is also the master of eight apprentices, the beloved teacher at the monastery, and has gained the town's affection for his compassion and kindness. The craftsman is also very funny; bringing laughter to the villagers, with his dry wit and humor. The craftsman doesn't just do work for the village to "make money." Each day he uses work as a vehicle, to improve his community, connect with others, and better himself.

Being fully engaged with the work that you do is very empowering. It transforms your energy from being passive and reactive, to confident and proactive. Your job is not just a means to making money. The craft you are mastering connects you with the society and gives you a platform to improve it. This allows you to put your own unique stamp on the world, and to change the energy of the world you live in. How are you improving your world with the work you do? Are you making it a better place?

Today, enthusiastically take up the tasks in front of you, and give one-hundred and ten percent. Do your job done well and accomplish your objectives. Value the work that you do, and others will too. Work isn't just "work." It is your contribution for the betterment of all. If your current work feels "limiting," then it’s time to find something that calls upon your best attributes and talents. Instead of resenting the job at hand, change the energy...which might mean placing yourself in a new position that brings more learning or fulfillment. You are in charge of how you employ your skill set, and how you focus your energy.

Don't just "endure" work. Appreciate how it connects you with others and is your contribution to a better society.


If the Eight of Pentacles appears reversed, it reminds you of the important influence you have on your environment through the work you do. It's easy to think of work solely as an obligation for making money. However, just like the pathway that connects the craftsman's workshop to the town on the card, your work has the potential to connect you with others in a meaningful way. It all depends on the energy you are infusing your work with. Are you bringing your best self to work? Are your daily tasks being approached with uplifting, positive energy? When work becomes a drudge that you feel resistant to, its importance can feel lost. This card could also indicate that it is time to choose an occupation that feels more fulfilling to you. Perhaps you need to recognize the value of the service you provide and seek out a better vehicle for expressing it.

This card may also indicate that you need more rest. The Eight of Pentacles is traditionally the "work card," so when it appears reversed it may be a reminder to take a break. If you give yourself some down-time today, you can later approach your tasks with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Try not to engage in “energy wasters,” like mentally stressing yourself out over things that haven't occurred yet or rattling off your "to-do" list to yourself with exasperation. If you need a break, take one! You have to be the one to do one is going to say "Wow, look at all the work you've done. You deserve a great big break, I'm sending you on a vacation!" If you complain or whine about the tasks ahead, it fills them with conflict-based expectations. It's hard to feel the love for what you do when you are stressed. Release any thoughts that aren't contributing to raising the energy and uplifting your mood. The truth is, you have an important mission on this planet that is unique to you. No one else can do what you do in the same way. Infuse your work with positive vibes and success will always find you. Your work has great value.

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