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The Card of the Day: The Devil (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Devil (Reversed)

“The chains that bound you are slipping off.”


Nobody likes to confront the Devil. The Devil can be a jarring image to confront. This is because he represents our shadow self.... the inner-saboteur. This is the insidious voice within that tells us that we aren't worthy, that we can't be successful, that we are stuck with our lot. Often this voice pipes up, just before we are about to make a huge breakthrough. This voice comes as a final test, to see if we what we really believe about ourselves. The Devil is known by many names but by far the most fitting is the Prince of Lies. The biggest lie the Devil tells is that he is more powerful than we are. Each day you have a choice.... To believe the voice that tells you that you are garbage........ or to hear your better angels, who remind you that you are worthy. 

How does your shadow manifest in your life? Do you struggle with self-esteem? Do you feel trapped in a situation that feels beyond your control?

When you look at the image of the Devil card you can see a man and a woman chained to his throne. They are a "corrupted" version of the innocent and pure image of the man and woman that appear on the Lovers card. They sport horns and tails...symbolizing their enslavement to the animal parts of their nature. The animal nature is only concerned with survival and protection of itself. It is not enlightened, and manifests in the form of fear, excess, jealousy, anger, hatred, unforgiveness, and the pursuit of personal comfort over all else.

Look closer at the figures chained to the Devil's throne. The chains they wear are quite loose. In fact, they could step out of them at any time. This shows that despite the fearful size of the Devil, one can be free of him whenever they choose. When the Devil appears, this symbol calls your attention to the self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you imprisoned. You can be free at any time, but you must stop "rationalizing" these behaviors away and confront them honestly. The Devil highlights any untruths you may be telling yourself, which are keeping you from being the best version of yourself. You are more powerful than your inner shadow. The shadow is real, but you are more powerful.

The best way to defeat shadows is to embody love. Be loving to yourself and to others. Don't get hooked into defending yourself in the face of someone else's shadow. Lovingly help someone else. Be of service. Be kinder. If you are feeling fear, help someone else feel braver. Challenge the lie that you are stuck. Send light and love to those people you can't quite seem to forgive. "Unhook" yourself from the Devil's chains.

By embodying your better angels, the Devil will lose all power.


When the Devil appears reversed it appears that the loose chains on the upside-down figures will easily fall away from gravity alone. Old habits that once kept you stuck are no longer the insurmountable challenges they once were.   You are letting go of these outdated, self-limiting thoughts. You are finding that you outgrew them, and they no longer hold you in bondage.

Often habitual cynicism will rush in to justify why it's important to hang onto past negative beliefs. The familiar, even when destructive, is far more comfortable than the unknown. The ego’s cynical aspect hates not knowing things, so it looks for something to attack. The Devil reversed represents releasing the negative habits and assumptions that keep you in a pessimistic hell.

When the Devil appears reversed your shadow’s power is fading. It is time to challenge any remaining unconscious attitudes of fear, anger or sadness that you have been carrying with you. Bring it all into the sunlight. Each day you work on your best self you become less stuck than the day before. It's time to remember your strengths, talents, and abilities. These are who you truly are. You are not the awful things the shadows lurking within wants you to think. Be kinder to yourself and be on your own team!

The Devil reversed means that have received your "Get out of Hell Free Card." Let the chains of negative thinking slip off and fall away. Know that when these chains emerge that they are born from fear of shadows from the past. Step back into the radiant light of your limitless spirit. You are your present, not your past. You are so much more than what the shadow wants you to believe. The light within you is stronger than the darkness, and it’s time to affirm it.

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