The Card of the Day: The Four of Pentacles

“There is no need to fear, you are secure.” 


The Four of Pentacles represents material security and stability, which is very different from being secure in yourself. Although this a wonderful card (financially speaking), it warns against being consumed by the pursuit of security, in the external world. The Four of Pentacles reminds you to balance both your worldly position, with the needs of the "authentic you."

Do you feel harmony between your "inner" and "outer" life? Are you "maintaining an image" because you fear sharing your authenticity? Have you found that no matter how much you achieve, it still doesn't feel like it's going to be enough?

The miserly man on the card had a very difficult early life. He knows well what it is like to go hungry. He was the eldest, in a poor family of eight children. Dealing with severe poverty in his early childhood created a lot of emotional turmoil, accompanied by feelings of being "worthless." One way for the man to medicate this sense of worthlessness was to make a lot of money. He was also going to be "the best" at everything he did. He thought if he gained enough money and status, he would finally prove to the world he was worthy. The man moved to a looming city, buzzing with opportunity and flashy personalities. He did everything to gain their acceptance, and soon became the wealthiest man among them. And yet, no matter how much money he earned, or how much approval he gained, he still felt empty, and insecure.

Here we see the miserly man clutching his four pentacles. They are the symbols for status, money, power, and achievement. These are not bad attributes to have so long as they are held by one that is already secure in himself. As tightly as the miser holds these attributes, they never seem to bring him an authentic sense of security. Look at his face. There is still suffering happening there. Internally he remains a scared neglected boy. Now, in turn he's neglected the needs of his inner self. His four pentacles have become barriers. The one on his head makes him forget he is connected with Spirit. The one clutched to his heart blocks him from feeling his real feelings. The two pentacles under his feet cut him off from being grounded in nature. His nature.

The pursuit of position and wealth are not inherently bad things. By all means, be a great financial success! The problem lies in "deadening" your humanity, to conform to the world around you, in order to finally feel "good enough." Your humanity can be described as the part of you that feels love and compassion, for yourself and others, and is in constant dialogue with your true spirit. Many people in our culture use their work, or worldly position as a way to seek validation. And yet pharmaceutical companies are getting rich because these same people are depressed and miserable, seeking an authentic feeling in all that is artificial.

Today, listen to the needs of your true nature. What you seek to make you feel good about yourself isn't found "out there." It sounds cliche', but " True security can only be found within."

You are worthy, just as you are.

Elliot Oracle