The Card of the Day: The Ace of Pentacles



The Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings in the realm of prosperity. It symbolizes positive financial thinking and new opportunities. The new beginning being presented is illuminating your pathway toward wealth consciousness. This begins with feeling your self-worth and having gratitude for existing blessings. Wealth consciousness entices even more abundant opportunities to seek you out, like honeybees to flowers. When the Ace of Pentacles appears, a gateway of new financial possibilities is opening.

What is your attitude about your financial life? Do you feel open to receiving prosperity? Are you actively seeking out new opportunities to improve your financial life?

The imagery of the card shows a divine hand holding a shining, golden coin. This symbolizes that Spirit is blessing us with abundance and opportunity every moment of every day. We just might not be seeing it. Humans are impatient creatures of habit and are prone to lethargy. We want it now! We often say to ourselves, “Why am I not getting my just reward? I’m spiritual! I thought I could just sit back and let opportunity find me, isn’t that how it works?” The Ace of Pentacles presents us with new opportunities but requires that we also do our part.

The scene on this card depicts a garden. Gardens take time, patience and work to grow. If it is a labor of love, the garden will flourish. This shows that while you can change your mind to think in wealth consciousness in an instant, it doesn’t mean that suddenly money will rain down on you from the sky today. You must tend to your state of mind as you would tend to a garden. This includes weeding out negative thoughts or habits and having patience with your unique growth process. You would never get frustrated with a flower for not blooming two days after the seeds were planted. Why expect your life to display a finished product today?

You must also occasionally leave the comfort of the garden to improve it. This means going out into the world, seeking out the elements that will help it flourish. Seek out opportunities and you will find them. Fortune favors the bold.

The Ace of Pentacles asks you to tend your thoughts. New opportunities are presenting themselves to improve your life, but you must take full advantage of them. If you are willing to do the work, abundance and success will follow. Be grateful for the riches you already possess, and more will be on the way!

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