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By viewing individual situations through this lens, clients gain safety and distance from their fears and can detach from specific outcomes.

The Card of the Day: The Six of Pentacles (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Six of Pentacles (Reversed)

“Giving without strings attached.” 


The Six of Pentacles represents compassion, generosity, and hospitality. This card reminds you that your true quality as a person is not measured by how much you impress the powerful and influential people of society. Instead, it is measured by how you treat the outcasts, the disenfranchised, and the “least of these.” When you show kindness to those who you would probably gain “nothing” from, you may find that you walk away with a gift far greater.

Does “tunnel vision” get in the way of noticing the light within the people around you? Do you think that “those bums should just get a job, and take care of themselves!,” since you never got a free pass? Does making eye-contact and smiling at strangers frighten you, causing you to avoid connecting with others?

The rich merchant on the card has worked hard to escape the crushing poverty of his youth. However, he always remembers what it was like. He had to deal with a lot of other poor people in “survival mode.” This made him learn early that hungry people, without their basic needs met, can do horrible things to others, with little remorse. The merchant knows that he could have ended up just like the people his society disdains. If he was born a little different, didn’t have mentors, got sick or had a disability, made a wrong decision somewhere in the past.....well then he might be begging for scraps too.

The merchant holds the scales. This shows he sees “both sides.” He also remembers many poor people showed him loyalty and kindness, far more valuable than what can be found among the upper echelons. He learned “hard work,” and how to keep fighting to overcome obstacles from these hearty folks. This is why he sees their value. This is why you see him willingly handing out some coins to people in need.

He also knows a secret from his youth. That angels actually disguise themselves as social outcasts all the time, waiting to bless those who stop, and notice the light in their eyes.

There are myths, fairy tales, and religious stories that stretch back far into human history with the same theme.  A test is presented to someone who has “everything.” A god, fairy, or an angel, appears before the fortunate individual, disguised as a beggar. If the the individual treats the beggar kindly, they are given some sort of magical assistance (like Cinderella going to the ball). If however, the wealthy person treats the beggar as worthless, something terrible happens. They undergo a horrible transformation. Their “outsides” reflect the ugly they harbor within. Remember "Beauty and the Beast?"

Giving strangers a warm welcome, offering food, and showing respect was one of the sacred customs from Ancient Greece. It was respected by absolutely everybody. It was a custom decreed by their king of the Gods, Zeus. The Greeks believed that Gods and Goddesses appeared before men as lowly beggars all the time, testing their humanity. If they were treated well they could change one's fortunes. Some Christian stories also describe angels doing the exact same thing.

Today, you could be interacting with an angel unaware. Don’t ignore the light within the eyes of the people around you. Also don’t assume you know another’s “societal worth,” by their outward appearance. Angels love to disguise themselves as what society deems as "crazy people." I think angels can actually take over their bodies (I've seen it myself). I believe it's probably easier for angels to take over the minds of nuttier/eccentric people. People without an open mind probably have a "closed sign" up for the angels.

When the Six of Pentacles appears reversed it signifies that you may have to accept that what you give to others may not be returned. Sometimes the people you help aren't in a position to return the favor. Some interpretations of this card tell you to be cautious if you are asked to provide a loan since the borrower will probably not pay you back. I believe that this card can indicate that you can act as an angel for someone else. Perhaps it's time to donate your time, energy or resources to those that would benefit most from it. Although you may not recieve anything back from the object of your genorosity, the scales on the card indicate the laws of karma. If you've been feeling fearful, angry, or have somehow forgotten your blessings, it's time to get out of your yourself, and be of compassionate service to someone else. This shifts your energy to embodying love, our best state of being. Good deeds are never a waste.Acts of compassion and kindness raise the energy, and place a healing salve on the wounds of the world.

Today, get out of your own head. Look around you and see who needs your compassion today. In helping others, you will be help yourself, and the wider world. You don't have to make a grand gesture. Sometimes simply affirming someone's worth and value can go far to cleaning up the emotional pollution that people unthinkingly cast about. Like the generous merchant on the card, keep the karmic scales you hold in balance. If you give freely of your kindness now, miraculous assistance will aid you in the future, when you are the one in need.

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