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By viewing individual situations through this lens, clients gain safety and distance from their fears and can detach from specific outcomes.

The Card of the Day: The Three of Wands (Reversed)

The Card of the Day: The Three of Wands (Reversed)



The Three of Wands reveals that your life is like a large blank canvas. It is waiting for you to create a masterpiece that depicts your heart’s desire. Despite your fears, nothing has been irreparably “messed up” yet. There is still time! Time to take the courageous journey toward your bliss. The only caveat is, you have to stop to identify what “bliss” is for you. If you can name your bliss, you are on your way to claiming it.

Are you clear on what you want out of life? If someone asks you what you want out of life, do you respond "to be happy," without even knowing what that means for you? Do you think you've failed, or messed up with your life, and you that can't get it back on track?

Let me tell you something... That's just a lie from fear. It's not true.

The man on the card is considering his future. He's richly dressed, an important person in his small corner of the world. Yet he feels unfulfilled. The man is not looking at you, he's thinking about life. His life.

At first glance it appears he is overlooking a vast desert. A sandy wasteland with little promise. What kind of future is that?! But as always with the tarot, look closer... You will see that these are not barren sands, but the orange glowing waters of sunrise or sunset. Ships are crossing to and from their ports of safety. Sunrise and sunset are the magical times of "in-between." Transformations always happens at these times (see the Two of Swords). The man's heart is yearning to embark, to leave his small island home. Somehow, it has unconsciously always been his dream. He wasn't sure what he was missing, but now he knows. He took the time to stop, think, and get clear about what he really wants out of life. Now that he is clear on his objective, he can open himself to the wonders of the world. He's going to go for it!

Today the Three of Wands asks you to stop, overview, and think about where you are going. Is there something you still want to have, achieve, or be? Well you can still have it! The world is wide, open, and waiting. You just may just have to leave your own "small island" (a metaphor for your comfort zone). If you act on what you truly want for yourself, you won't ever regret it. Taking action in the face of fear proves your courage, which becomes self-esteem. Who doesn't want to feel more confident about themselves?

You can still have all you want, but you have to be clear about what that is. When you know it, it will be your treasure map, guiding you to unbelievable riches.

When you have your bliss, clear in your mind, ask yourself, "Am I doing at least one thing today that contributes to achieving this for myself? If the answer is "No," don't beat yourself up. Get up and change it. Make it priority number one tomorrow. Wanting to "be happy" isn't clear enough. What does happy actually mean for you?

Above the Temple leading to the Oracle of Delphi were the words: "Know Thyself."

If you really do take the time to know yourself, then all you desire can manifest like magic.

When the Three of Wands appears reversed, it asks where the majority of your mental energy is being directed... on a future that has not happened yet, or the present? Planning for the future is vital for achieving long term success in this life. However, thoughts about the future should not completely override experiencing joy in the moment. The Three of Wands reversed asks you to look at this moment as a snapshot of where you are on your path. If a photographer were to take a metaphorical picture of your life right now what would that picture look like? Can you see it as an image of beauty? It is time to be present with your life and see it as it truly is before proceeding. What do you love about your life currently? What do you wish would change? Accept your life and the lessons you currently find yourself learning. Breathe in the truth of your life at this moment, and bless it with loving acceptance from your heart center.

The Three of Wands reversed advises you to stop yearning for the future to bring you the peace and joy you are seeking. It is right here, right now, and its light envelops you in the place you are sitting. When you begin to accept yourself and send love toward the life you are living, strange, magical and miraculous things will start to begin. Doorways begin to open. Prosperity flows. You begin to see the light in others and in your experiences.

The Three of Wands reversed reminds you that you can find joy in the present. Look at all of your present achievements. Count all of your blessings. Take a break from rushing toward deadlines and tasks. Be present.

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