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The Card of the Day: The King of Wands

The Card of the Day: The King of Wands

“Trust in your own competency.” 


The King of Wands is the wise counselor of the tarot. He came up the “hard way,” and has survived many trials by fire. Because of his experiences, he speaks with gravity and wisdom. The King of Wands represents the part of you that is wise and competent. He teaches you to trust in yourself. You haven’t let everything fall apart up until this point, so why panic and assume that suddenly you’ll drop the ball now. The King reminds you, that if you don’t trust in your own competency and abilities, you are betraying the very part of yourself that helped you survive. This part of you deserves some respect!

Do you have trouble trusting yourself, no matter how well you do your job, or run your affairs? Are you someone that came up the hard way, and has some uneasiness about not having some of the perceived "advantages" of people you think are better off? Have you proved to yourself time after time, that you are competent, and even after all of this time still don’t believe it?

The King of Wands doesn’t “command” people to respect him. Others need only to look at him and do. Although he carries himself with dignity, and a regal bearing, this king was not born “royal.” He was a soldier, and came up through the ranks the hard way. He earned the respect of his men by winning battles, and saving his kingdom on more than one occasion. His competency at leading naturally caused others to follow. When the former king died without an heir, the people named this proven warrior "the King of Wands."

As a King, the throne he is seated on is naturally emblazoned with lions. However, the King carries another powerful emblem that speaks to his familial roots.....the “lowly” lizard, seated right next to him.

Lizards are survivors. They can live in the hottest climates by moderating their body temperature. They can literally "take the heat." This symbol reminded this king's "lowborn" ancestors for generations, to not allow emotions to get “too hot,” or “too cold.” This quality always helped the king, when assessing himself and others.

The "noble" soldiers in the army used to laugh at the lizard on this soldier-king’s banner. To the upper echelons lizards were “dirty,” or even worse “evil.” Lizards were definitely not “royal.” For many years as a young man, the king felt shame about the lizard being on his family’s crest. Like the lizard, it meant that he too was "low-born." However, now the king places the lizard alongside the royal lion emblem with pride. The king has gained maturity and wisdom. He now understands that coming up as a lizard gave him more valuable gifts that he wouldn't have gained, had he been born into the “lion’s club.”

Today it’s time to acknowledge that like the King, you are competent. You “belong” and deserve a seat at table in front of you. You've worked hard to get here. Don’t look at others and assume they are "better" because they have more money, a greater position, better schooling, more "this" or more "that." You don’t know their real life or private struggles! Everyone has difficult things they are working on...even the most well to do. No one gets a “free pass” in this life. Like the King, you will also have to battle the baggage in your consciousness that causes you to doubt yourself and your place in this world. This inner saboteur will tell you to retreat, because you aren't as good as someone else. Tell that malicious voice to take a hike! It's disrespecting your inner lizard.

In reality there is no practical way to compare lizards and lions. This would be a false equivalency. In reality each animal brings its own gifts. However, just because the lizard's gifts are not as immediately apparent, does not mean that it should be underestimated or dismissed.

Respect your inner lizard today. It may not be as glamorous as the lions you see on the shields of others, but it is the reason you've survived, and it deserves to be honored.

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